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Long-distance calls, toll-free numbers and calling card

What type of calls are considered local and what type are considered long distance?

Videotron uses the same local calling zones as the industry for the following services. To find out whether a call is local or long distance, visit

  • Business lines
  • PRI
  • Centrex
  • Cloud communications
  • Dedicated local fibre-optic SIP

Videotron uses an extended local calling area that covers all of Quebec, except Nunavik and Jamésie, and part of downtown Ottawa for the following products:

  • SIP Trunking (over Internet)
  • Provincial SIP over a dedicated fibre-optic connection

Some long-distance calls are free for some services; please read the article “Are long-distance calls free?”.

To find out which company is your long-distance provider, call 1 700 555-4141.

I subscribed to another long-distance provider. What happens to my subscripton?

When your telephone number was migrated to the Videotron network, Videotron automatically became your long-distance provider. However, for Business Lines and PRI digital phone lines, if you want your service to be reactivated with your previous provider, you must contact this provider.

Are long-distance calls free?

Long-distance calls are free between Residential and Business Videotron mobile and cable telephony subscribers. With the Optimal Business Line, Cloud Communications and SIP Trunking over Internet, calls within Canada and to the United States are free. To know what fees are generated by other long-distance calls, please refer to your subscription plan.

As a Videotron Business Line customer, can I obtain a 1 800 number?

Yes, for Business Lines, Cloud Communications, SIP Trunking and PRI & Centrex services. Contact our Customer Service to find out more.

Can I make occasional long-distance calls with a 10-1- or 10-15-type code?

With a business line, Videotron transfers all long-distance calls starting with 10-1 and followed by another digit. However, certain providers of this type of long-distance calling still do not accept calls from Videotron. Contact your provider for more information.

Calling card


The calling card is a service that enables you to make calls from any telephone in Canada and the United States, and to charge these calls to your telephone account.

Depending on the number of lines in your account, you will obtain one or two calling cards. You may, however, obtain additional cards by contacting Business Customer Service.

To make a call, you must first enter the toll-free number that accesses the Videotron network.

Montreal: 514-380-5557
Quebec: 418-380-5557
Canada/US: 1-888-666-5557

Please note that you can modify your PIN as many times as you wish by following the access number menu options.

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