Voice mailBOX migration

In order to continue to provide you with a service that is to your complete satisfaction, we will soon be changing certain subscribers’ voice mailboxes. This development will allow us to offer a more efficient service that’s supported by the latest technology.


Which subscribers will be affected?
Users affected by the change will be informed by the person in their company who is responsible for communicating with Videotron. Videotron will work closely with that person to make the change as easy as possible, and to ensure it has the least impact.


The day before the migration takes place, Videotron will send an automated message to the user’s voicemail.

This migration involves the creation of new voice mailboxes. It will bring about the following changes:
- Your old voicemails will not be transferred to your new voice mailbox.
- Your name and greeting will have to be re-recorded.
- Your password will have to be reset.


Note: To ensure that you do not lose any messages, you will be given access to your old voice mailbox will for up to 30 days after the migration has taken place.


Other changes
- New functions will be available on certain voice mail boxes, like the option to record a variety of greetings to suit different situations, e.g. no answer, prolonged absence, outside of office hours.

- The “Fax” feature that existed on certain voice mailboxes will no longer be available.


“Tone Commander 8610” phones may experience some problems when the

hands-free function is activated, like fluctuations in volume. This will not prevent users from using their voicemail service. A way to deal with this problem is by pressing the 'mute' button when browsing through the voicemail menu or avoid using the hands-free function while browsing through the voicemail menu.


- The “message notification by pager” function, which is available with some voice mailboxes, will be replaced by notifications by text message.

Temporary password
The first time you access your new voice mailbox, you will need to use your office phone and a temporary password. The latter will be made up of the last four digits of your telephone number followed by 99. The temporary password for

514-555-7412, for instance, will be 741299.


Choosing a new password
Due to the increase in phone fraud in Canada, it is important that you replace your temporary password with a more secure one as soon as possible. In doing so, you will be protecting the confidentiality of your messages and safeguarding yourself against phone fraud.


Choose passwords that are at least eight digits long, and avoid easy-to-guess passwords like telephone numbers, extension numbers, simple sequences (12345678) or consecutive or repeated digits (00000000).


It is your responsibility to protect your voice mailbox with a proper password.


Set-up your new voicemail in advance

To simplify the migration process, we recommend that you set-up your new voice mailbox in advance.


Starting today

- From your office phone, dial the voice mailbox access number that corresponds to your region. (For example, in Montreal it would be 514-509-0100)
- Enter your temporary password (last 4 digits of your phone number followed by 99). E.g. The temporary password for 514-555-7412 will be 741299.

- Choose a new password (you can use the same one you used for your old voice mailbox to avoid confusion the day of the migration). Follow the prompts to record your username and greeting.


Note: For security reasons, the first password update can only be done from your office phone.


You followed all the steps but the system is asking you to enter your phone number instead of your temporary password? Please contact Videotron’s technical support team at 514-380-4667 and select options 2-2.


 Region   Access Number
 Quebec City  418 204-0100
 Chicoutimi  418 612-0100
 Joliette  450 960-0100
 St-Jérôme  450 553-0100
 Montréal  514 509-0100
 Toronto  647 591-0100
 Trois-Rivières  819 601-6667
 Granby  450 574-6667
 Sherbrooke  819 575-6667
 Ottawa-Hull  819 503-6667


Questions and answers


When will the migration date be confirmed?

The representative from your company who is responsible for communicating with Videotron will confirm the date on which the migration to your new voice mailbox will take place.


What kind of support will I get after the migration?

The representative from your company who is responsible for communicating with Videotron will contact you by email to provide ongoing support.


- Approximately 45 days before the migration, you will receive an email outlining what you need to do and the changes that will occur once the migration has taken place.

- Five days before the migration, you will receive an email reminder.

- The day before the migration, you will receive a voicemail reminder.

- The day after the migration, you will receive an email with additional information (e.g. how to access your old and new voice mailboxes).


After the Migration


My voice mailbox contains messages that I really need to keep. What should I do?
After the migration, and once you have set up your new voice mailbox, you can transfer messages from your old voice mailbox to the new one using the Conference function.
1- Dial your own number.
2- When you hear your greeting, press # to start recording a new message.
3- Press the “Conference” or “Flash” button on your phone.
4- Dial the access number 514-380-6668.
5- Enter your PIN.
6- Press 1 to listen to your messages.
7- Press the Conference or Flash button on your phone again. While the old voice mailbox is playing the message, the new one is recording it.

8- Wait for the end of the message then hang-up.


Note: Make sure the phone is not in hands-free mode when you go through these steps. Instead, use the handset.


This solution is available without guarantee and is only available in certain cases.

If you need help with this procedure, contact Videotron Business Solutions’ technical support team at 514-380-4667 (press 2-2), or at 1-877-380-4667

(press 2-2).


My voice mail indicator light is still on. What should I do?

If, following the migration, your voicemail indicator light is still on and your new voice mailbox has no new messages, it’s probably because there are messages in your old voice mailbox that you have not listened to. Access your old voice mailbox and listen to the messages. The light should go off afterwards.


How will I access my new voice mailbox after the migration?

You can access your voice mailbox exactly as before:
- From your office, dial *98 or press the shortcut on your phone.
- From outside your office, dial one of the access numbers below and follow the instructions.


Please note that for security reasons, you should access your voice mailbox for the first time from your work phone.


Region   Access Number
 Quebec City  418 204-0100
 Chicoutimi  418 612-0100
 Joliette  450 960-0100
 St-Jérôme  450 553-0100
 Montréal  514 509-0100
 Toronto  647 591-0100


How can I access my old voice mailbox after the migration?
You will be able to access your old voice mailbox for 30 days.
To access it, dial 514-380-6668 and follow the instructions:
- Dial # "if you have a mailbox in the system".
- Enter your 10-digit phone number.
- Enter the password for your old voice mailbox.

The voice mailbox owner is on vacation. What should I do to avoid getting the system’s default message after migration?

Ask your administrative assistant or your assistant to reset your voicemail while you’re away.


Need help?
Contact Videotron Business Solutions’ technical support team at 514-380-4667 (press 2-2), or at 1-877-380-4667 (press 2-2).