Cloud Communications

What’s new

Cloud Communications Portal Update

Now, the Cloud Communications portal allows you to change the type of license you want.

Procedure to modify the type of licence:
1- First, you must have in inventory one or several available licences of the desired type.
For example, if you have:

a.    5 users
b.    3 Basic licences, all assigned to users
c.    3 Unified licenses, with 2 assigned and 1 available

Then, you may upgrade a user from Basic to Unified.
But, if you don’t have an available Unified licence, you must first place an order from Videotron to ADD a Unified licence.

2- In the Administration Portal, Select Users on the left-hand side. Select the user to modify, then click on Actions


3- Then, click on Edit


4- In User Assignements, click on the list. If there are available licences from other types, they will appear in the list.


5- Select the desired type


6- Click on Save



7- If you downgrade to a lesser licence, you will get a warning message:


8- WARNING: If you don’t want to keep paying for the former type of licence, place an order to Videotron to REMOVE it.

New COMMaffaires Windows and Mac version 22.9.2

WARNING : The Windows or Mac desktop applications do not update automatically. You must download and install manually the new version from the Videotron support page

  • Cleaner user interface
  • Resolution of Call Recording incompatibility due to codecs G.711 vs G.722.
  • Ad-hoc group chat: from MyRoom select several contacts and add them.
  • Add Outlook 2019 & 365 integration, but remove Outlook 2007.
  • Support of Mac OS 10.13 High Sierra, 10.14 Mojave, 10.15 Catalina, but remove support of versions 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan and 10.12 Sierra.
  • Remove support of Windows 7.
End-of-Life Hub functionality

For users of Unified Cloud Communications, this functionality will be canceled on March 1st 2020.

The Hub functionality allowed users to view emails and meetings of contacts within the COMMaffaires app.

Numerous security and network issues prevented many users from employing this functionality. 

Please note: The integration of Outlook for presence status of contacts will remain functional.

What’s new with Call Recording
  • Unlimited storage space instead of 200 MB per user
  • Basic Plan : Conservation of call recordings going from 1 month to 3 months. 
  • Intermediate Plan : Conservation of call recordings for 7 years for legal archiving
  • Access to the call-recording portal:
  • Enhanced confidentiality and security. Storage infrastructure has been designed and managed in alignment with regulations, standards, and best practices including:
    • HIPAA
    • SOC 1/SSAE 16/ISAE 3402 (formerly SAS70)
    • SOC 2
    • SOC 3
    • PCI DSS Level 1
    • ISO 27001
    • FedRAMP(SM)
    • DIACAP and FISMA
    • ITAR
    • FIPS 140-2
    • CSA
    • MPAA
  • Embedded call recording media player allowing the display of the waveform, control of playback speed and skip back/ahead of 15 seconds
  • Secured and convenient call recording sharing feature directly from the platform
  • Classification of call recordings by importance  (« Star recordings ») 
What’s new with the Administrator portal
  • Global view instead of separate pages: users, telephone numbers, devices, and services
  • Quick-start section for frequent activities, with a user-friendly step-by-step wizard:
    • Configuring users
    • Processing incoming calls
    • Adding a telephone
    • Configuring business hours
  • Configuration of user features without having to log in to the User portal
  • Available now:
  • Once the former portal becomes obsolete, the following link will serve as the new portal:
  • Configuration of mass employee call forwarding
  • Mass device uploading
  • Statistics and reports
  • Changing of default language of automated audio greeting, queues and voicemail portal messages
What’s new with the User portal
  • More modern and easier-to-browse interface
  • All the features of the former portal, and more
  • More stable and optimized
  • Order and inventory tab
  • Total quantity of devices, applications, and users in the right-hand menu
  • Advanced call forwarding for Automated answering system, Call groups and Queues
  • Available now:
  • Once the former portal becomes obsolete, the following link will serve as the new portal
  • All the features from the old portal, and more
Firmware update for Yealink phones

Please note that there is a firmware update for Yealink phones on April 1st 2020 at 9 p.m.

We invite you to reboot your phones (unplug and plug) at your earliest convenience to accept this new firmware. 

Firmware update for wireless phones Cisco DBS-210

Please note that there is a firmware update for Cisco DBS-210 phones on April 29 April 2020 at 9 p.m.

We invite you to reboot your phones (unplug and plug) at your earliest convenience to accept this new firmware.