Cloud Communications

User guides and configuration

The guides in this section will help you configure the most common features in the Administrator portal, User portal, and COMMaffaires app.

Onboarding Guides

How to access admin portal

To access the admin portal, you must select the link corresponding to the server communicated during the deployment of the solution:

Cloud communications 1 :

Cloud communications 2:

If you do not know which server to use, please refer to your administrator or contact our dedicated agents at 514-380-7000.

Managing Administrators

The Enterprise Portal allows the creation of local or sub administrators who are responsible for specific functions. These administrators may be given permission to view and manage a certain site or certain functions in the portal but restricted from other Enterprise Sites or function.

Configuring Call Queues

Call queues temporarily hold calls in the cloud when all users (agents) assigned to receive calls from the queue are unavailable.

Device Management

The Device Management portion of the Enterprise portal provides a centralized way of managing and maintaining the inventory of phones. In this article, we will cover the topics related to device management.

Shared Call Appearance (Sharing)

The Sharing Feature, also known as Shared Line Appearance, is used for two main purposes: Configure sharing on your Physical Phone and Soft Client Use.

Changing Lead Numbers

Lead Numbers are phone numbers associated with your business that callers dial to reach Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Call Queues, Call Centers, Meet-Me Conferences and/or Group Paging groups. In many cases lead numbers represent your business’ “main number.”

Call Recording

The Call Recording service provides fully hosted solutions to record, store, organize, and access recordings of customers calls.

Unified Messaging

This article will provide instructions for administrators to configure the Unified Messaging service for a User. To learn how to modify the My Account basics, please visit the My Account Overview Article.


Hoteling enables a User’s phone profile of phone number, features, and calling plan to be temporarily loaded onto a shared (host) phone. It is comprised of two features: Hoteling Host and Hoteling Guest that work together to allow you to designate specific phones (hosts) that Users (guests) can temporarily log into and use as their own phone.

Voice Portal

This article provides details on the Voice Portal and how to access and manage it as an Administrator.

Receptionist Call Queues

Call Queues allows a receptionist to manage calls in selected queues (up to five) and monitor them in real time.

Assigning Clients - My Account

To enable Users to download and use the COMMaffaires (UC-One) application,  you must enable sharing of these applications to the Users.

Devices (phones) management

Devices page provides a centralized way of managing and maintaining the inventory of phones. On the Devices page you can view a list of all the devices assigned to your site. You can manage lines, pull line state inventory and assign devices to users. You can also manually enter new device information from orders on this page.

Time Schedules

Time schedules are used to route incoming calls based on the day of the week and/or time of day. Schedules are classified as either Business Hours or Holiday. This article provides instructions for how to modify, add and delete them.

REP Group Paging

The Group Paging service allows a user to set up a one-way call to a group of up to 75 target users by dialing a number or extension. The Group Paging service makes a simultaneous call to all the assigned targets and announces to the originator that the system is ready for paging. After speaking, the originator ends the page by hanging up the call.

Call Park

The Call Park feature allows a defined group user to park a call against other available members of a Call Park group, which may be picked up by other members of the group at their phone.

Collaborate Bridge

This article provides details on the Collaborate Bridge feature which is a Site Service that allows Users to initiate calls from the My Room feature of their COMMaffaires (UC-One) applications. This article provides instructions for assigning the Collaboration Bridge number and viewing the Room ID numbers associated with the users that have been assigned the Collaboration Bundle.

My Account - Manage Auto Attendants

This article provides details on Auto Attendant-related topics. To learn how to modify the Time Schedule, please visit the Time Schedules Article.

How to configure a Fax
  • Most fax machines will work on IP networks and with Cloud Telephony. An analog adapter is required to convert the fax signals from standard telephone signals to IP.
  • SuperG3 fax machines (AKA high speed fax or 33.6Kbps fax) are known to not function properly over VOIP networks. This issue is industry wide and not specific to Videotron Cloud Telephony. The symptoms of this issue are blurry pages, mid call fax drops or complete fax failure. In some cases where a SuperG3 fax machine communicates with a non SuperG3 fax machine, fax calls could complete properly, because the lower speed fax machine causes the SuperG3 machine to throttle down to a lower speed. As a result, problems with SuperG3 fax machines could appear to be intermittent. If you have a SuperG3 fax machine, it must be configured to transmit and receive at 14.4Kbps. If the machine speed cannot be reconfigured, it may not be supportable over IP. In such case, we recommend a traditional Cable Telephony line for your fax machine.
  • B) Fax to portal or e-mail
  • You can also receive faxes by email or download them in the User Portal. You can also enable each user to receive individual faxes, or assign a single number to receive faxes. Therefore, you must acquire the correct number required Videotron telephone numbers.
  • Go to the My Site section of the Administrator Portal.
  • Select the User Functions tab from the menu located over the Welcome to My Site header.
  • From the side menu, select Unified Messaging.
  • Double-click on ‘username’.
  • In the Fax Messaging section, select Activate.
  • Select a telephone number; this number must be available and not already assigned to a user.
  • If you want to use internal numbering (for example four-digit numbering), you must assign an extension.
  • In the Message Storage section, you must select either System Inbox or External Inbox.
  • With the System Inbox, faxes can be received by email or downloaded into the User Portal.
  • With the External Inbox, faxes are sent by email. Enter the user’s email address, or a shared email address if several users use the same fax number.
  • It is not possible to receive faxes both by email and via the User Portal.
  • You can be notified when a voicemail or fax arrives. Go to Additional Settings and select Be Notified When a New Message is Received, then click on the desired notification mode (text message or email). The fax WILL NOT be attached to the notification. Enter the mobile phone number or email address.
  • Save.

Call center management

Introduction to Call Center

BroadSoft Business Call Center is a carrier-class communications management product fully integrated which provides an advanced Automatic Call Distribution capability.


Call Centers temporarily hold calls in the cloud when all users assigned to receive calls from the queue are unavailable.


Click the Settings link at the top right-hand side of the main page to configure various aspects of the Call Center application.

Managing Contacts

This article provides details on several Call Center Supervisor related topics.

Managing calls

This article provides details on several Call Center Supervisor related topics.

Managing queued calls

This article provides details on Call Center Supervisor’s capabilities.

Managing agents

This article covers how to manage agent’s ACD states, silently monitor agents calls.

View real-time statistics

The Dashboard allows you to see Call Center Statics, including calls in queue and agent status in real-time.

Reports (Supervisor)

BroadSoft Business Call Center provides reporting functions for supervisors to report on activity and performance of agents and call centers under their supervision.

Reports (Agents)

Call Center provides reporting functions to agents. Reporting provides Call Center agents historical information about their call center performance which allows them to know their statistical performance as a call center agent. Agents can only generate reports about their own activity.

Additional information on the configuration of the End Users portal

End Users Portal

How to access the user portal

To access the end user portal, you must select the link corresponding to the server communicated during the deployment of the solution:

Cloud communications 1 :

Cloud communications 2:

If you do not know which server to use, please refer to your administrator or contact our dedicated agents.

Setting up my numbers

This article provides instructions for modifying My Numbers. To learn more about the My Phone portal, please visit the My Phone Article.

Priority Alert

Priority Alert is a feature that allows a User’s phone to ring with a different cadence based on pre-defined criteria. This feature can be used as a way to quickly notify the User that a specific number is calling or when a call is from inside your group or outside your group.

Call History

The Call History feature provides a detailed report of your missed, placed, and received calls. This feature can be configured from My Phone Portal.

Unidentified Caller

The Reject Unidentified Caller feature enables business and individuals to reject all calls that have an unidentified caller id.


Meet-Me Conferencing is a great way to connect multiple callers at different locations into the same live call for an alternative to face-to-face meetings. You can establish a conference number to be shared across multiple users within a group.

Resetting Your Password

Should you forget or misplace your My Phone Next password, you can easily reset it.

Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous Ring (also known as Sim Ring) is a Mobility feature that, when enabled, rings your office phone and another phone of your choice at the same time.

Office Anywhere

Office Anywhere (sometimes simply called “Anywhere”) is a feature allowing you to receive calls on the phone of your choice, such as your personal mobile phone.

Receptionist Console

Receptionist Console: Overview

The Receptionist Console is a web-based tool that runs in a separate browser. It’s supported by Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. It combines your telephone handset with a desktop interface that makes it easy for you to direct calls to staff, wherever they are.

Calling Features

The Call Pickup feature allows you to answer an incoming calls that’s ringing another user’s line or extension.

The Camp On feature allows you to find a temporary parking place for a call by placing the call on hold on a busy contact’s line until they’re available to take the call. when a contact is busy. The call is automatically transferred to that contact when they become available. The destination contact’s phone state must be either Busy or Ringing before you can camp a call on their line.

Group Call Park searches within a predefined hunt group, or parking extensions for an available line to park a call. After the call is parked, a message is played back to you letting you know where the call is parked (on which line or extension).

The Call barge-in feature allows you to interrupt a contact’s call. This is useful when you want to enter a call that’s already established between 2 people.

Managing Contacts

Dynamic Monitoring allows you to view the line status of selected contacts in your company on an as needed basis.

The Receptionist allows you to monitor when other users are on or off the phone. There are two types of monitoring-Static and Dynamic.

Other configurations and options include:

  • Personal contacts and speed dials configuration
  • Add a note to a contact

Receptionist Console - Managing Calls For End Users

This section describes how to make and manage calls. Your current calls appear in the Call Console.

Understanding Call Queues

Call Queues allows you to manage calls in selected queues (up to five) and monitor them in real time.

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