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End Users Configuration

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End Users Portal

How to access the user portal
Setting up my numbers

This article provides instructions for modifying My Numbers. To learn more about the My Phone portal, please visit the My Phone Article.

Priority Alert

Priority Alert is a feature that allows a User’s phone to ring with a different cadence based on pre-defined criteria. This feature can be used as a way to quickly notify the User that a specific number is calling or when a call is from inside your group or outside your group.

Call History

The Call History feature provides a detailed report of your missed, placed, and received calls. This feature can be configured from My Phone Portal.

Unidentified Caller

The Reject Unidentified Caller feature enables business and individuals to reject all calls that have an unidentified caller id.


Meet-Me Conferencing is a great way to connect multiple callers at different locations into the same live call for an alternative to face-to-face meetings. You can establish a conference number to be shared across multiple users within a group.

Resetting Your Password

Should you forget or misplace your My Phone Next password, you can easily reset it.

Simultaneous Ring

Simultaneous Ring (also known as Sim Ring) is a Mobility feature that, when enabled, rings your office phone and another phone of your choice at the same time.

Office Anywhere

Office Anywhere (sometimes simply called “Anywhere”) is a feature allowing you to receive calls on the phone of your choice, such as your personal mobile phone.

Desktop Application COMMaffaires (UC-One Broadsoft)

Downloading the desktop application
Park And Retrieve Calls COMMaffaires (UC-One)

If you are on an active call, the COMMaffaires (UC-One) application provides you with various methods to Park and Retrieve a call. You will have 30 seconds to retrieve a call that is parked or the call will ring back the person who placed the parked call.

Retrieving voicemail With COMMaffaires (UC-One)

This article provides instructions on related topics for retrieving Voicemail using the COMMaffaires (UC-One) clients and apps.

Transferring Calls With UC-One Desktop

This article provides details on transferring calls with COMMaffaires desktop If you are on an active call, the desktop application provides you with various methods to transfer a call.

The Transfer Now (also known as Blind or Cold Transfer) option allow you to transfer a call without announcing the call to the recipient.

The Attended Audio (Warm/Consulted Transfer) transfer will allow you to place an audio call to the recipient completing the transfer.

If you are on an active Video Call, you can perform an Attended Video Transfer to another Contact within the company Directory who is also equipped with a video device.

Sharing Your Desktop (Screen Sharing) With COMMaffaires (UC-One) Desktop

You can perform Desktop sharing with another user or users while in a Chat on your COMMaffaires (UC-One) desktop application.

Mobile Application COMMaffaires (UC-One Broadsoft)

Downloading the mobile application
COMMaffaires (UC-One) - Creating A Contact Group

Adding efficiency through the introduction of Auto Attendants to automatically route calls or the use of the Monitoring feature to increase the visibility of a user’s phone status are common benefits of the BroadSoft service.

Receptionist Console

Receptionist Console: Overview

The Receptionist Console is a web-based tool that runs in a separate browser. It’s supported by Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. It combines your telephone handset with a desktop interface that makes it easy for you to direct calls to staff, wherever they are.

Calling Features

The Call Pickup feature allows you to answer an incoming calls that’s ringing another user’s line or extension.

The Camp On feature allows you to find a temporary parking place for a call by placing the call on hold on a busy contact’s line until they’re available to take the call. when a contact is busy. The call is automatically transferred to that contact when they become available. The destination contact’s phone state must be either Busy or Ringing before you can camp a call on their line.

Group Call Park searches within a predefined hunt group, or parking extensions for an available line to park a call. After the call is parked, a message is played back to you letting you know where the call is parked (on which line or extension).

The Call barge-in feature allows you to interrupt a contact’s call. This is useful when you want to enter a call that’s already established between 2 people.

Managing Contacts

Dynamic Monitoring allows you to view the line status of selected contacts in your company on an as needed basis.

The Receptionist allows you to monitor when other users are on or off the phone. There are two types of monitoring-Static and Dynamic.

Other configurations and options include:

  • Personal contacts and speed dials configuration
  • Add a note to a contact

Receptionist Console - Managing Calls For End Users

This section describes how to make and manage calls. Your current calls appear in the Call Console.

Understanding Call Queues

Call Queues allows you to manage calls in selected queues (up to five) and monitor them in real time.

9-1-1 Emergency services limitations

Limitations apply when calling 9-1-1 emergency services with Cloud Communications

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