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How do I get the Mobile & desktop application?
How do I configure my Fax?

A) Fax machines

Most fax machines will work on IP networks and with Cloud Telephony. An analog adapter is required to convert the fax signals from standard telephone signals to IP.

SuperG3 fax machines (AKA high speed fax or 33.6Kbps fax) are known to not function properly over VOIP networks. This issue is industry wide and not specific to Videotron Cloud Telephony. The symptoms of this issue are blurry pages, mid call fax drops or complete fax failure. In some cases where a SuperG3 fax machine communicates with a non SuperG3 fax machine, fax calls could complete properly, because the lower speed fax machine causes the SuperG3 machine to throttle down to a lower speed. As a result, problems with SuperG3 fax machines could appear to be intermittent. If you have a SuperG3 fax machine, it must be configured to transmit and receive at 14.4Kbps. If the machine speed cannot be reconfigured, it may not be supportable over IP. In such case, we recommend a traditional Cable Telephony line for your fax machine.

B) Fax to portal or e-mail

You can also receive faxes by email or download them in the User Portal. You can also enable each user to receive individual faxes, or assign a single number to receive faxes. Therefore, you must acquire the correct number required Videotron telephone numbers.

  • Go to the My Site section of the Administrator Portal.
  • Select the User Functions tab from the menu located over the Welcome to My Site header.
  • From the side menu, select Unified Messaging.
  • Double-click on ‘username’.
  • In the Fax Messaging section, select Activate.
  • Select a telephone number; this number must be available and not already assigned to a user.
  • If you want to use internal numbering (for example four-digit numbering), you must assign an extension.
  • In the Message Storage section, you must select either System Inbox or External Inbox.
  • With the System Inbox, faxes can be received by email or downloaded into the User Portal.
  • With the External Inbox, faxes are sent by email. Enter the user’s email address, or a shared email address if several users use the same fax number.
  • It is not possible to receive faxes both by email and via the User Portal.
  • You can be notified when a voicemail or fax arrives. Go to Additional Settings and select Be Notified When a New Message is Received, then click on the desired notification mode (text message or email). The fax WILL NOT be attached to the notification. Enter the mobile phone number or email address.
  • Save.
What phones are supported?

Videotron’s Cloud Communications service works with a wide variety of wired devices. If compatible, you can use your own telephones and devices; you can also purchase a new device from one of our authorized partners. We invite you to contact a Videotron representative, or our Customer Service department, for more information as to authorized partners in your area.

Please refer to the document below for a list of recommended and compatible devices. [Download PDF]

The Videotron app works with Android v4.4 and over, and Apple v9.0 and over mobile devices.

How do I setup Hunt group & Call Queue

Call queues temporarily hold calls in the cloud when all users assigned to receive calls from the queue are unavailable. Call Queues provide an automated “answer” with customizable greetings, comfort messages, and hold music for the caller to listen to. Queued calls are routed to an available agent when he/she is no longer on an active call. Each call queue is assigned a lead number, which is a telephone number outside callers can dial to reach the agents assigned to the call queue. Call queues are also assigned an internal extension, which can be dialed internally to reach the agents assigned to the call queue.

Before the Call Queue service can be used the following conditions must be met:

  • At least one 2 Way DID must be assigned to the Call Queue and be active
  • There must be at least one Call Queue Agent seat in inventory at the site
  • At least one Agent must be assigned to the Queue
  • At least the main greeting must be uploaded into the Call Queue
  • Agents may be assigned to a Basic user, Mobile user, Hybrid user or Unified user.

Call Queue Notes:

  • User features such as Call Forwarding are not invoked on calls to users from the Call Queue
  • Agents (Users) can “sign out” of the queue by activating Do Not Disturb
  • All greetings must be formatted as CCIT u-Law 8.000kHz, 8 bit Mono .WAV

To configure the call queue:

  • Go to the Adminstrator portal, and click on MySite
  • Select the appropriate Site to configure
  • On the tabs above “Welcome to My Site”, select “Site Services”
  • On the side tabs, select “Call Queue”
  • Double click on the appropriate Call Queue phone number
  • Fill the different fields and tabs.
  • Save

For detailed information, please contact Videotron.

How to use a conference bridge

Pre-requisite: you must be a “Unified user” to get your personal conference bridge.

  • Go to the MyAccount portal, and click on MySite
  • Select the appropriate Site to configure
  • On the tabs above “Welcome to My Site”, select “Site Services”
  • Select Collaborate Bridge
  • If you already have a collaborate bridge number, you will find the number here.
  • If you don’t have a collaborate bridge number yet, or if you want to change the number, select an available phone number, then click Assign.
  • Give a name to your site bridge, as well as calling-ID & phone number
  • On the bottom of the pages, you can find the Unified Users with their phone numbers. At the end of the line, you will see their Room ID. Inform each users about the collaborate bridge number and room ID.
  • To initiate a conference call, dial the collaborate bridge number, enter the Room ID of the user. Guess may join the conference call the same way.
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