Subscription and installation

Subscription and installation

We take care of everything!

We'll contact your current telephone provider to transfer your numbers. Your subscription with your former provider will end automatically once your service has been migrated to the Videotron network.

If you want a new business line or you've already asked for one, we can make the request for you and end your contract with your current service provider. If you wish, we can do the same for other services (Internet, TV) that you have with another provider. Note that you still have to honour any agreement you have entered into with your old provider and you will still need to pay your final account balance with them in full.

Our technicians have been specially trained for business clients and will come on-site for the installation.

Simple installation

  •  - We supply the multifunction modem that you need

  •  - We re-use the existing telephone lines

  •  - We install the multifunction modem in the most appropriate location for your business

  •  - If you have a telephone system, we will connect your business lines at no additional cost. It is included as part of your installation

  •  - If you are already a Videotron Internet subscriber, we will replace your current modem with a multifunction modem for free!

Continuity in your business

  •  - We contact your current provider to have your number transferred

  •  - The transition is done without interruption : you are guaranteed to not miss any important call

Compatibility of your equipments with Videotron's Business Line.

  •  - No worry : Videotron's Business Line is compatible with the majority of faxes, bank terminals, alarm systems and telephone systems

  •  - All the products of the major equipment manufacturers are compatible

  •  - Our technicians ensure that your equipment is operational before they leave

We give you even more

Need to modify your telephone cabling ? Take advantage of our experts' visit to make the change! With cable telephony, everything is simpler : one unique cable for all your services!

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Do I have to give notice that I have changed telephone service provider ?
No, not if you have kept the same telephone number. If you haven't, you must notify all your contacts. Local telephone service providers generally offer one free month of call referral (a message indicating your new number). If you have kept the same telephone number, there is no need to let your alarm company know that you have changed telephone service provider.
Will you be connecting my telephone system ?
If you have an interconnector, we recommend that you have them do the connection. If you do not have an interconnector, we can connect your Business lines to your system. This service is included with basic installation.
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