How to use my voice mail?

Receive my Business lines voice messages by email

The Voicemail by Email service gives you access to your voice messages via email. By activating this feature, your Videotron voicemail messages will also be forwarded to your email address as audio files (.wav).
To activate this feature, contact our Customer Service team.

Your voice messages will remain in your voice mailbox even after they have been sent to your email address. Deleting any emails will have no effect on your voicemail messages.


How do I change the email address for Voicemail to Email?
To set up your Voicemail to Email option and change the email address linked to it, contact  Customer Service.
Which email address can be used with Voicemail to Email?

Only Videotron email addresses can be used with the Voicemail to Email option.

If you’d like your voice messages to be sent to an email address other than your Videotron one, simply apply a filter or have any messages with the subject line that includes the word “voicemail” forwarded to the desired email address.

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