Videotron’s LTE Network

Our fastest network, with download speeds of up to 150 Mbps†. Catch your favourite movies and series on your mobile device in HD while on the go, commercial free!
To take full advantage of our LTE network, you must have a device and SIM card that is compatible with the LTE network.

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In terms of speed, LTE technology varies from one network to another. Some networks cap speeds at 75 Mbps, because they simply don’t have the capacity to offer anything faster.
When Videotron designed its LTE network, it made sure to provide the highest speeds on the market at the time—150 Mbps for downloads and 50 Mbps for uploads. Note that these speeds are based on a theoretical limit and that average speeds for mobile devices usually vary between 20% and 60% of the maximum speed. To enjoy the fastest possible data transfer rates, you need a category 4 smartphone that’s compatible with our frequency spectrum, as well as an LTE SIM card. Your device may be compatible, but may have a 4G SIM card. View the list of devices. View the list of devices.

Seeing as very few areas are covered solely by the 4G network, the vast majority of our current customers will be able to enjoy the latest LTE technology.

Yes. All LTE devices are compatible with previous generations of network technology, such as HSPA+, HSPA and GSM. This means you can benefit from extended coverage when you are outside an LTE coverage area, in a location where a partner network is available in Québec, the rest of Canada or roaming abroad.

No. It costs the same to browse on the 4G HSPA+ network as it does on the LTE network. 

Yes, but not in LTE mode at this time. Videotron is in the process of concluding its first LTE roaming agreements and performing the first round of tests with a number of partners. Since 2015, we will have our first LTE roaming partners and service will be available. To learn about roaming coverage, please view our interactive maps.

When you compare the LTE network with the HSPA+ network, the difference is clear: LTE technology is nearly 3 times faster when downloading and 7 times faster when uploading.

Technology Downloads Uploads
 HSPA+  14 Mbps  2 Mbps
 LTE  35 Mbps  15 Mbps
 Potential increase  150 %  650 %

Greater output (see comparative table below) + better network response time + all-IP data session (end-to-end IP network) = better customer experience.
For example:

  • Fluid mobile apps

  • Highest video quality possible (HD video requires 30 MB/min)

  • Quick display of web pages

  • Ability to share much larger files (i.e., videos)

  • Fluid video chatting without interruption

Yes, you can use your own LTE device. However, you need an LTE SIM card and you must make sure your device is compatible with our network’s frequency spectrum. Videotron primarily uses band IV. Before ordering your SIM card, you should visit a store and speak with a sales associate who will check whether or not your device is compatible with our LTE network.

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