Long-distance charges

Applicable long-distance charges
Certain long-distance charges may apply, depending on where calls are made from or received (inside or outside area).
If you are within your local calling area, the usual airtime charges apply, along with variable long-distance charges, depending on your call’s destination. If you are outside your local calling area, long-distance and roaming charges may apply.
As a general rule, only the usual airtime charges apply. However, if you are outside your local calling area at the time you receive a long-distance call, variable charges apply depending on where you receive the call.

The rule that applies in this case is the same for call forwarding. If you listen to your voice messages from your local calling area, no charges will apply. However, if you check your messages from a location outside your local calling area, long-distance charges will apply.


If you listen to your voice messages while in the US or Canada but outside Videotron’s extended network, roaming charges will apply, as they will to voice messages checked in any other country.

The first time you make a long-distance call, you’ll receive a text message advising you that preferential rates are available when you subscribe to a monthly long-distance plan. You’ll only receive this notice once if you haven’t subscribed to the plan.
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