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Visual Voicemail for iPhone

Visual Voicemail (VVM) is a native iPhone app and a complementary service to classic voicemail. It’s a visual representation of the contents of your voicemailbox. You can use it to choose the messages you want to listen to, without having to go through them all.


Using Visual Voicemail isn’t like using traditional voicemail. If you want to access your classic voicemailbox, hold down the 1 key on your phone. If you want to use Visual Voicemail, you must be subscribed to Videotron’s voicemail service.


Visual Voicemail is the property of Apple. You can get more details on Apple products at the following address:


Visual Voicemail works with iOS8 and higher. For information on updating your iOS, visit the Apple website at:


The first time you use Visual Voicemail, you have to create a  password. You may then keep your voicemail greeting or record a new one. You only enter your password once. It’s identical to your classic Videotron Voicemail password.


A few minutes after you activate Visual Voicemail, you need to restart your phone. Visual Voicemail only works with wireless data.


When you get a message, it’s automatically sent to your phone. Visual Voicemail displays your voicemailbox much like an email inbox. To listen to a messsage, you simply tap it with your finger.


Each time you receive a message, a number will appear on the voicemail icon indicating how many unchecked messages you have in your voicemailbox.

People leave you Visual Voicemail messages the same way they leave normal messsages. Messages may be up to five minutes long.When your voicemailbox is full, people can’t leave you new messages.

You need to go to your Visual Voicemail interface to select the message you want to listen to. All you have to do is press the PLAY/PAUSE button to listen. You can fast forward or rewind messages by dragging the playback head forwards or backwards. The Visual Voicemail app also lets you play a message on speakerphone or call back the number from which the message was left.

All messages left with your classic voicemailbox are automatically saved by the Visual Voicemail app.

When you touch a message, a Delete button appears. When you delete a message from the app’s main interface, it gets moved to the Deleted Messages folder, so it isn’t gone forever. To fully delete your messages, just go into the Deleted Messages folder and select Delete All. You can restore messages that you’ve deleted in the “Deleted Messages” folder.

To change your voicemail greeting go to Greeting > Custom > Save.

You can you change your PIN by going to Settings > Phone > Change Voicemail Password. You can also do it online via Videotron’s Customer Centre.

You won’t lose your messages if you switch from regular Voicemail to Visual Voicemail. They’ll be safe and sound in both voicemailboxes.

Yes. Visual Voicemail only works when you have a cellular connection enabled. That means that it uses data from your plan and add-on(s). Even if Wi-Fi is active, Visual Voicemail still uses data.


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