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Using Premium messaging
Thanks to the short codes used in Premium messaging, you can automatically receive information updates on your mobile phone.

Premium messaging is a variation of text, photo, and video messaging using easy-to-remember short codes that allow you to:

  • Receive various types of information such as flight schedules, phone numbers from 411, search results, translations, Google itineraries, sports scores, stock quotes, etc.
  • Access various services, such as participating in a quiz, contest or chat session, as well as listening to music and ordering ringtones, wallpapers, etc.

Certain services operate according to a pre-established frequency (e.g. flight delays and sports scores), while others are on demand. 

A number of businesses publish a short code in advertising campaigns. This short code allows you subscribe to their services by texting a message to said code.

To use this short-code service, you must follow the provider’s instructions. The provider will usually ask you to send a text message to the short code if you wish to subscribe to the service. It will then text you an answer that includes the cost and terms of payment and use. In most cases, your answer to this message confirms your subscription to the service. 

You simply need to text the word STOP to the original short code. 

You simply need to text the word INFO or HELP to the original short code. 

Most often, the subscription is monthly. Businesses that offer this service are required to notify you each month regarding renewal. This reminder should include:

  • the name of the service
  • the billing period
  • the cost
  • how to opt out (texting the word STOP)
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