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Internet on your mobile

Thanks to the advanced technology of its 3G+ network, the Videotron Internet on your mobile service gives you access to the Internet from your mobile phone.


All Web sites adapted to the WAP platform (the protocol that lets you access the Internet from your mobile-phone browser) or to other platforms are displayed in a user-friendly format adapted to your screen and to your device’s features.


Certain sites cannot be adapted to mobile telephony. Though the display standards aren’t up to those of sites offered in mobile format, you can still view their content.


At all times and wherever you are, you can:

  • Access the Videotron Portal : To learn more, go to the Videotron Portal. You’ll find out how to consult the most popular Web sites quickly (news, weather, stock market prices, social networking and more)
  • Browse the Web anywhere in the world
  • Chat with family, friends and colleagues
  • Access multimedia sites like YouTube
  • Listen to your favourite radio shows
  • Keep in touch with your communities (e.g. Facebook, Twitter)
  • Search the Net on GoogleTM or Canoe411
  • Use a range of applications you’ve ordered and/or downloaded from a large selection of providers (e.g. Google Maps and other applications for mobile, basic and smart phones).


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