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Useful numbers

Useful numbers
Learn how to access useful numbers such as 911, Phase I Enhanced 911, Phase II Enhanced 911, and 411, and discover the types of services they offer.

These useful numbers are short codes that allow you to access all types of services rapidly, such as:

  • directory assistance
  • entertainment
  • information
  • emergency services.

Users can easily memorize these numbers.
Accessing the services attached to these numbers can vary depending on the region where you are when you place your call.

These numbers give you access to the following services:

  • Assistance
    Examples: directory assistance at 411, a Videotron agent at 611, taxi services at #TAXI.
  • Information
    Examples: social services at 211, municipal services at 311, transportation services at 511, non-urgent health services at 811.
  • Emergencies
    Examples: emergency services at 911, Sûreté du Québec at *4141.
  • Entertainment
    Example: psychic readings or dating services at #CLICK.   
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