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Conference calls

Conference calls
Everything you need to know about holding a conference call, including how it works and adding or removing a participant.
This service enables you to speak to a number of people at the same time, no matter where they happen to be. Up to six people, including yourself, can take part in a conference call.

You can enable or disable the conference-call service by using the SETTINGS menu of your mobile phone or by following these steps:

  • Put the first call on hold
    While you are speaking to the first person taking part in the call, ask him or her to hold. Press 2, and then SEND.
  • Add a second call to the one already on hold
    Enter the number of the person you want to add to the conversation, press 3, and then SEND to reconnect both calls.
  • Add other participants to those already on hold
    Repeat steps 1 and 2.
  • Remove the first participant
    Press 11, and then SEND.
  • Remove the second participant
    Press 12, and then SEND.
  • Remove other participants
    Repeat the previous step, replacing 12 by 13, 14 and so on.
  • End the conference call
    To end the conference call, press END to hang up. 

Note: Names of commands and keys may vary depending on the mobile phone and provider.

Yes. However, you must disable the service before starting your conference call. Find out more here.

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