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Call forwarding

Call forwarding
Discover all the forwarding options you can choose, including call forwarding, automatic call forwarding, etc.
Call forwarding lets you forward your calls to the phone number of your choice when you are away from home or when you simply prefer to be reached at a number other than your Videotron mobile-phone number.
Automatic call forwarding lets you transfer all your incoming calls to the phone number of your choice, which you programmed when you opted for this feature. Your mobile phone will not ring when a caller dials your number, and calls will be forwarded to your predetermined number.

You can choose to forward your calls only in certain situations, such as:

- when your line is busy
- if you don’t answer after several rings
- if your line is occupied

For each type of call forwarding option, you can choose a different forwarding number. 

If you have activated the automatic call-forwarding option and someone is calling you, the call is immediately forwarded to the predetermined number that you programmed. You can continue to make calls from your mobile phone, but you cannot receive any.

If you don’t answer calls that are forwarded to you, these calls are not sent to your mobile phone’s voice mail. Instead, they are handled by the telephony service to which you have forwarded your calls. This could be, for example, your residential phone service provider if the call is forwarded to your home.

To ACTIVATE or DEACTIVATE call forwarding:


You can activate or deactivate call forwarding by using your mobile phone’s menu.

If unsure about your call-forwarding status, access the mobile phone’s menu.


Refer to your mobile phone’s user guide to find out more.

You may only forward calls to numbers in Canada or the United States.

If you forward calls to a phone number outside your local calling area, you will be billed the usual long-distance charges if calls are taken or forwarded to voice mail.

No, the number to which you forward calls takes priority over call forwarding to your voice mail. All calls are automatically transferred to the number you have programmed and are handled in the same way as those forwarded to this number.
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