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Using my BlackBerry services
Several services are offered with your BlackBerry®.
Yes, you can. This address will end with “ ”.
Yes, absolutely!

Yes, all BlackBerry services offer this possibility, with the exception of the BlackBerry Social networks.

With the BlackBerry® phone, subscription to a voice service and a data service (BlackBerry option) is required to use your phone.
Yes, you can share your BlackBerry service with other members from your Share plan as long as the members have all BlackBerry services.
Simply sign up for BlackBerry Email or BlackBerry Complete.

We strongly recommend the 2 GB BlackBerry Complete service (minimum)  for use of the BlackBerry Playbook on the mobile network.

Here’s why:

The BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablet can be used on the mobile network with BlackBerry Social and Email services. However, we strongly advise our customers against doing so as these services are billed on a per-use basis and could end up being costly.

A minimum of 2 GB is required for you to get full enjoyment from your BlackBerry® PlayBookTM tablet.

BlackBerry   Playbook 
 1 text email    2.1 KB  2.1 KB
 1 email with Word, Excel or PowerPoint document  28.57 KB  28.57 KB
 1 email with photo  1277 KB  1277 KB
 1 instant message  5.1 KB  5.1 KB
 1 Web page  73.7 KB  295.9 KB
 1 minute of streamed video  3.5 MB  3.5 MB
 1 4-minute song  4 MB  4 MB
 1 application  0.7 MB  4 MB
 1 hour of online gaming  -  30 MB

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