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Ethics and conduct

Respect one another!


Your Videotron mobile phone is a communications tool you can use anywhere, anytime. There are, however, certain rules of conduct you can follow to avoid disturbing others or finding yourself in an awkward position.

  • Turn off your device when asked. When flying, your safety and that of others is at stake. Certain devices have an airplane or flight mode, which disables the antenna but lets you use your phone’s other features. The same applies when you’re in a hospital.
  • Turn off your phone’s ringtone in places that require silence: in movie theatres and theatres, but also in libraries, places of worship, etc.
  • Make your device’s features work for you by using the display and silent or vibrate mode to filter and forward calls to your voicemail service.
  • Opt for a text message when you absolutely have to reach someone and a phone call is inappropriate. The person will receive your message instantaneously and can answer or call back when the time is right.
  • Control the ringtone volume of your mobile phone to suit where you are.
  • In general, be respectful in public places. Besides lowering or turning off the ringtone volume, avoid talking too loudly, or choose a quiet spot for your discussion. Silence is golden!


Safety rules for driving

 Though mobile phones can save lives on the road, they can also cause accidents. Here are some recommendations:

  • Call safely! Only hands-free phones are allowed when conversing at the wheel. Our BluetoothTM earpieces are compatible with all phone models equipped with Bluetooth technology. Get one today!
  • Familiarize yourself with your device’s features, like speaker phone, voice commands, etc.
  • Let your voicemail service take the messages when traffic conditions are poor or when you’re making a quick manoeuvre.
  • Stop in a safe place to dial a number or send a text message, or ask your passenger to do it, if possible.


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