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Update - Galaxy Note II

The Samsung Galaxy Note II OS update for Android 4.1.2 with Multi-Window View is now available

Important news!

Get a free update for your Galaxy Note II operating system and improve your phone’s security and performance!


We encourage all Videotron customers using the Samsung Galaxy Note II to download and install the free software update, which is now available.


The update includes important corrections to chipset security, and installs the “Multi-Window View” feature on your phone.


Follow these steps to start the software update:


In the phone’s menu, select:



Galaxy Note II


About phone


Galaxy Note II


System updates


Galaxy Note II


Check now


Galaxy Note II


The software update will appear when it is available, and you will be able to download it to your phone.


Then, you can restart and install the update.

  • The software will automatically be sent to your phone. No cable connection required.
  • We suggest that you connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network before downloading the update. This is the quickest and most reliable way to install the update.
  • The update may also be downloaded while your phone is connected to the Videotron 4G network.  All your contacts, photos, music, videos and the applications that you downloaded will remain stored in your phone after the update.
  • Due to the progressive dispatch of the update, some customers will receive the update before others.  If you do not receive the update on the first try, you should receive it in a few days.

What’s new with this software update?

  • This update provides an important security fix to the embedded Exynos chipset in the Galaxy Note 2, and installs the
    “Multi-Window View” feature on your phone.

How do I access the Multi-Window View?

  • To activate the Multi-Window View feature, pull down the notification bar and slide it to the right. “Multi-Window View” is last on the menu. When it is green, the feature is active.


Galaxy Note II


Return to the home screen. Press and hold the “return” key (on the right). An icon will appear on the left side of the screen.


Galaxy Note II


Slide the icon towards the center of the screen. A pop-up list of apps will appear which can be opened in a second window.  The apps list can be modified using the  “Edit” feature.

Select an app and drag it towards the centre of the screen to open it in a new window.


Galaxy Note II


In the illustration below, the Videotron Portal was opened using the Browser, while a second window was opened by selecting the YouTube app.


Galaxy Note II


This is the Multi-Window View mode; the two windows function independently.  To exit the Multi-Window View feature, simply drag the border of the desired window across the entire screen and the second screen will disappear.

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