Completing your mobile service activation

Completing your mobile service activation

If you are a new mobile client, your service is automatically activated.

Mobile service activation applies to customers who already have telephone service with a provider and who wish to transfer their phone number to Videotron.

If you obtain your phone from a retailer, the sales clerk or agent will activate your mobile service. You won’t have to do anything.


If you receive your phone by mail, you may be able to make calls but not receive them at first. The receiving-calls function will subsequently be completed by the system. If you would like to receive calls on your new phone before the system does so automatically, you may finalize the activation of your mobile phone by:


  • calling 1-877-477-5757 toll-free;
  • accessing the “Complete your mobile service activation” functionality in the mobile phone section of the Customer Centre.
It’s all done in just a few steps or clicks! What could be simpler?
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