zone indicator

Customers with an Unlimited Urban Zone plan


Customers subscribed to the Unlimited Urban Zone plan are normally able to

see a “Zone” icon on their phone, indicating that they are currently in their

unlimited calling area. However, this icon is being phased out and will no

longer appear on customers’ phones.


A zone indicator is represented textually, or with an icon, on certain phones. The indicator automatically updates according to a customer’s location, letting them know whether they are within their unlimited calling area or not.


An Unlimited Urban Zone customer can make an unlimited number of local calls when they’re in their urban area.


When a customer first subscribes to the Unlimited Urban Zone plan, the indicator can be very useful as it helps them to become familiar with their coverage area. However, the indicator becomes less useful as customers come to know their service area.


The update will be made automatically across the network for all Unlimited Urban Zone customers. Once your phone has received the update and you restart your device, the zone indicator will no longer pop up.


Telephones will be updated by December 31 of this year.


No. No changes will be made to your plan. Your unlimited calling area will remain the same.


Yes, it is, but with some of our newer plans, you can make unlimited calls across Québec and even the rest of Canada. With these plans, you can forget about your coverage area. Check out our plans at any time by visiting our website, calling Customer Service or visiting the Videotron store nearest you.



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