Coverage and roaming

Before you leave

What should I check before leaving to make full use of my mobile phone during my trip?

For stress-free travel with your mobile phone, we recommend you check the following:


1. Your mobile phone’s compatibility

To make and receive calls, your device’s frequencies must be compatible with those used in your destination country. To verify your mobile phone’s compatibility, visit the Coverage and roaming section.


2. Videotron agreements

Before your departure, make sure that Videotron has roaming agreements with network operators in your destination country.


3. International rates

Rates vary from one country to another, so it’s best to inquire about terms and conditions before you leave. You can also refer to our Coverage and roaming section.

4. Calls to Canada from abroad

To make calls to Canada from abroad, hold the 0 until the “+” symbol appears. Then dial 1, the area code, and the other party’s phone number.


5. Services abroad are blocked by default

Before you leave the country, check with our Customer Service to see if your services are fully unblocked to be functional abroad.

6. Configuring your voice mail

When you travel to another country, you can activate call forwarding to forward your calls to your voice mail. All calls will be charged as if you were within your local calling area.

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