Mobile Internet

LTE Mobile Internet Key

How do I install the Mobile Internet Key when using it for the first time?
When your computer is up and running, insert the Mobile Internet Key into a USB port. Your operating system should detect and recognize the key automatically. Once the Installation Wizard starts, simply follow the instructions. When installation is complete, an icon for the Connection Manager will appear on your desktop.
The Autostart program did not launch. What do I do?
If the Autostart program does not launch, find the AutoRun.exe file in the mobile Internet directory (look for the mobile Internet reader in the My Computer folder and click on it). Then double-click “AutoRun.exe” to launch the program.
Where can I use my Mobile Internet Key?
With Videotron’s extensive network, you get coverage across the province. With our growing deployment of the technology, new service areas will be added every month. To learn more or for updated coverage details, visit our website.
My service doesn’t work outside the Videotron network. What should I do?
Videotron’s mobile Internet service automatically operates on Videotron’s network and its partner network. If you wish to access this service beyond the actual network, contact Customer Service for activation.
How do I track my monthly usage?
You can monitor your monthly usage by visiting the Customer Centre on the Videotron Business Solutions website.
I often lose the signal of my mobile Internet connection. What should I do?
Make sure that you’re within your Videotron coverage area and check your signal reception. Numerous factors may be affecting reception.
I get the following error message when I try to launch the Connection Manager: “No equipment found.” What should I do?
Be sure that your Mobile Internet Key is properly inserted in the USB port. Take the key out and re-insert it, or try using another USB port, if possible.
I can’t seem to establish a connection with the Mobile Internet Connection Manager. What should I do now?

It is possible that service is not available where you’re located. Check your mobile Internet coverage area on our website.

If you are not in your coverage area, you have to activate roaming to use the service.

It is also possible that the network is currently unavailable for technical reasons. Please try again later.

Is this service compatible with my computer?
To know if your computer is compatible with our mobile Internet service, please refer to the list of minimum requirements.
I have more than one computer. Is it possible to use the same key for all?
The Mobile Internet Key can be used for numerous compatible computers. Total usage will be deducted from your monthly plan.
Can I insert a Micro SD card into the Mobile Internet Key?
The Micro SD card is an optional accessory and is not included in your kit. It can be purchased at Videotron. Videotron’s Mobile Internet Key supports Micro SD cards up to 32GB in storage capacity.
How can I update the Connection Manager?
Download the latest update for the Mobile Internet Connection Manager:
- Connection Manager for Windows
- Connection Manager for Mac
- Connecting to 4G Router
How do I install the Connection Manager for the Huawei E372 and E1831 Mobile Internet Keys using Windows 8?

Automatic installation:
The automatic installation of the Connection Manager, which comes with the Huawei E372 and E1831 Mobile Internet Keys, requires a few extra steps when using a Windows 8 computer.

1) How to enable the automatic installation: 
    a. Open the Control Panel.
    b. Click “Hardware and Sound.”
    c. Click “AutoPlay.”
    d. Under “Software,” select “Install or run program from your media” from
        the drop-down menu.
    e. Click “Save.”
2) Change the thumbnail display mode to standard display mode:
    a. Click the “Desktop” thumbnail (in the bottom right corner of the
        thumbnail window).

3) Plug the Huawei E372 and E1831 Mobile Internet Keys into one of your computer’s USB ports.
4) Follow the installation instructions.

Manual installation:
Please note that manual installation of the Connection Manager follows the same procedure for Windows 8.

1) Plug the Mobile Internet Key into your computer’s USB port.
2) Open Windows Explorer.
3) Launch the installation of the Connection Manager by clicking on the media    associated with the key.

Mac OS X 10.10 doesn’t recognize my Mobile LTE Key. What should I do?


Unzip the file.

The unzipped file will contain the following folder and file:


Click on the HiLink icon.

Your computer might ask you if you want to install a different version of the application. If so, click on Yes.

Your Mac will ask you for your password so it can make the appropriate changes. Enter your username and password, then hit the OK button.


Once the changes have been made, your computer will recognize your Mobile LTE Key and your browser will open to the following page indicating that you’re now connected to the Videotron network:

Mobile Internet > LTE Mobile Internet Key