Mobile internet


While your computer is running, plug your Mobile Internet key into your computer’s USB interface. The operating system should automatically detect and recognize the new platform. When the installation application starts up, follow installation instructions. When installation is complete, the connection manager’s shortcut icon will appear on your computer desktop.

If the autorun program doesn’t respond, look for the AutoRun.exe file in the Mobile Internet drive directory (go to My Computer and open the Mobile Internet drive). Then double-click on AutoRun.exe to launch the program.

The Videotron network offers you coverage over a large part of the province. Furthermore, with our incremental deployment, you’ll see new territories added every month. Consult our Web site regularly to see how our coverage evolves.
The Videotron Mobile Internet service works automatically on the Videotron network. Note, however, that if you wish to use it outside this area, you must contact customer service to activate it.
Make sure you’re in a Videotron coverage area and your signal reception is as clear as possible. A number of factors can affect signal quality.
Make sure your Mobile Internet key is properly inserted in the USB port. Remove it and insert it once again. You can also try it in another USB port.

The service may not be offered in your area. Check the Mobile Internet coverage area.
If you’re outside the coverage area, you must activate the service for use in roaming mode. The network may be temporarily unavailable for technical reasons. Try connecting later.

See the system specifications to ensure your computer meets minimum requirements.
You can use the Mobile Internet key on several compatible computers. The total usage will be deducted from the usage allotted to your monthly package.
The MicroSD card is an optional accessory that is not included with your device. Videotron does not sell this type of accessory. You can always purchase one at an electronics store. The Videotron Mobile Internet key supports MicroSD cards up to 32 GB.



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