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Upgrading the Router Firmware


Download and unzip the new firmware file from NETGEAR. The router firmware is stored in flash memory, and can be upgraded as new firmware is released by NETGEAR. 


Download the upgrade file from Videotron or NETGEAR website. If the upgrade file is compressed (a .zip file), you must first extract the binary (.chk) file before uploading it to the router. NETGEAR recommends that you back up your configuration before doing a firmware upgrade. After the upgrade is complete, you might need to restore your configuration settings.

The Web browser used to upload new firmware into the router must support HTTP uploads. NETGEAR recommends using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or newer, or Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or newer.

1. Make sure that you have an internet connection either through the router itself or by any other type of connection (USB broadband key, wifi or wired connection).

2. Log in to the router. Type in the address field of your Internet browser. Enter admin for the user name and your password (or the default, password).

3. From the main menu, under the Maintenance heading, select Router Upgrade to display this screen:




4. Click Browse to locate the binary (.chk) upgrade file.

5. Click Upload.


Warning: when uploading firmware to the router, do not interrupt the Web browser by closing the window, clicking a link, or loading a new page. If the browser is interrupted, it might corrupt the firmware, causing router to be unworkable and inaccessible. When the upload is complete, your router will automatically restart. The upgrade process typically takes about 1 minute. In some cases, you might need to clear the configuration and reconfigure the router after upgrading.



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