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Understanding the Simplified Payment option

Learn more about this option that spreads the cost of your mobile phone across 24 months without interest or down payments.

What is the Simplified Payment option?

If you chose the Simplified Payment option when subscribing to one of our mobile plans for 24 months, the cost of your phone is divided into 24 interest-free monthly payments and you don’t have to pay a deposit. After 24 months, your phone will be fully paid, and only your mobile plan will be charged to you.

Am I eligible for the Simplified Payment option?

All Videotron Mobility customers are entitled to the Simplified Payment option. New customers can choose this option when they subscribe, and existing customers can sign up at the time of their agreement renewal.

If you have more than one mobile plan on your account, you can switch to the Simplified Payment option one plan at a time, without affecting your other plans.

If you are a Mobility customer and would like to take advantage of the Simplified Payment option before the end of your current agreement, you have to terminate your contract and start over with a new subscription. 

Please note that subscribing to a new Mobile plan enabling you to sign up for the Simplified Payment option will terminate your current plan and associated promotions and discounts. 

The Simplified Payment option on my invoice

Easily find your mobile phone balance.

  1. Log in to your Business Customer Centre
  2. Click View your invoice then Show invoice
  3. See the Billing History section for past invoices

Invoice summary

On the Simplified Payment option line, you can find the monthly payment amount for your mobile phone, taxes included.


Please note that your first invoice includes your first two billing cycles. The amount that appears on this invoice is the total of your first two monthly payments, taxes included.

Option Paiements simplifiés

This section gives you the details of your mobile purchases and payments.


Find the description and date of your device purchase(s). Each phone is assigned an initial price, a discount on the purchase (if applicable) and a subtotal of the phone’s price after the discount. The carryoverbalance shows the total cost of the device, taxes included. 

For each phone, see the deduction of your monthly payments from the total number of payments to be made, the payment amounts (taxes included) and the balance owing.

Note that the first 23 payments are identical, and that the 24th is slightly smaller since the first 23 payments were rounded to the nearest cent.

Good to know
If you terminate your contract before the end of the 24-month period, you will be required to pay your phone’s balance and the corresponding discount, if applicable.

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