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Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

Consentement pour la mise à jour des appareils

How are Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation and the electronic device program related?

Pursuant to Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL), it is prohibited to install computer programs or connect devices to a computer without the express consent of the owner of the computer system or its agent, such as an authorized employee. For more information, we invite you to consult the frequently asked questions on Canada’s Anti-Spam Law at:

What does it mean to give my consent?

Your consent authorizes Videotron to proceed with the updating of devices (terminal, modem, mobile phone) allowing for the use of Videotron services.

What happens if I refuse to give my consent?

Videotron will have to remove the device(s) in question from your account. Updates are required in order to correct certain technological issues, ensure security, offer new applications and improve the user’s overall experience. If we are unable to proceed with the necessary updates, we will not be able to guarantee the device’s effective operation and some features might no longer be covered.

What advantages are there to the updates?

Updates are essential for applying security measures to your device and to the network, maintaining the quality of your service, granting access to the latest features and improving your overall experience.

Will I still have access to all my favourites, recordings and programmed shows after the update?

Yes. Your favourites, programmed shows and recordings, as well as all your information will be saved after every update.

Are the updates free?


Will I be notified of an update?

Yes. As the device’s authorized user, your consent is required whether you own the device or not.

Do I need to give my consent even if my device is a rental?

Yes. As the device’s authorized user, your consent is required whether you own the device or not.

Do other telecommunications service providers perform updates as well?


Who has the authorization to perform updates on my devices?

Only Videotron and the device manufacturers are authorized to perform updates on your devices, and only after obtaining your consent to do so.

Do I need to visit a Videotron location or intervene in any way in order to benefit from an update?

No. Updates are performed remotely and require absolutely no action on your part.

What do I do if I experience problems with my device following an update?

As with any technical issue, Videotron invites you to contact Technical Support by calling 1 800 561-4248, or dialling 611 from your Videotron mobile device.

Is my consent valid for all the devices registered under my account, or do I need to give my individual consent for each device?

A single consent is necessary for all the devices registered under your account.

What devices require my consent?

Terminals, routers, mobile devices and mobile Internet keys.

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