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Where can I access the Office 365 help section? 
You can browse through the various help sections on the Microsoft support page at          
How do I access the Microsoft Online portal in order to use Office 365?
To access the Microsoft® Online portal, go to and enter your login details. Once logged in, you can manage Microsoft® Office 365TM. Depending on what options have been selected, you will then have access to various online services, like the OfficeSuite, Exchange Online, Skype Enterprise and OneDrive Enterprise.
What should I do if my password doesn’t work and I need to reset it?          

If you’re an administrator and you’ve forgotten your Office 365 password, you can reset it by clicking on Forgot your password? on the Office 365 login page or by accessing the Self-service password reset tool.

If you’re a user and you have forgotten your Office 365 password, you can reset it at or contact your company’s administrator.

Instructions regarding passwords:          

I am an administrator

To reset your administrator password, your personal information must be up to date and include a secondary email address and mobile phone number that can receive text messages. If some information is missing or incorrect, ask another Office 365 administrator to reset your password for you. To find out how to update your personal information, go to Update your phone number and administrator email address in Office 365.

Access the Self-service password reset tool.

If you need to reset a user’s password, go to Reset a user’s password.

I am not an administrator

Access the Self-service password reset tool to reset your password. For more information, go to Reset my Office 365 password. If your administrator has not activated free-service activation, use this tool to send a new password request to your company’s technical support team. Generally speaking it will be the person with administrator authorization who set up your Outlook 365 account.

If you know your password and you would like to change it, go to Change your password for Office 365 for companies.

As an Office 365 administrator, where can I check whether there has been a service interruption or an outage in my service?

The “Service health” page displays information in real time on the state of your service over the six previous days and gives an overview of the 30 previous days. You can also find out when planned maintenance is scheduled for your services.

To see the status of all your services and their components:

1. Login to your professional Office 365 account.

2. Access the Outlook 365 Administration Centre.

3. Access the State of Services.

4. On the Current State page, check the state for that day and the six previous days. You can also display an overview of the 30 previous days.

Select the RSS link to sign up for the service health RSS feed, which will send you an email when a new event is added or an existing event is updated.


IMPORTANT: If you can’t sign in to Office 365, you won’t be able to access the Service health page. Go to Troubleshoot sign-in to Office 365 to find out what to do next.

How can I estimate how much bandwidth is required to use Office 365?

here are several variables to consider when estimating the amount of network traffic that Office 365 will generate. Our Hybrid Fibre Internet service is suitable for use with Office 365. Other variables also need to be considered:

D’autres variables sont aussi à considérer :

  • The Office 365 services to which your company is subscribed;
  • The number of devices that are simultaneously connected to Office 365;
  • The type of tasks carried out by each device (volume of files being sent);
  • How the Internet browsers perform on each device;
  • The topology and capacity of your company’s various network components (network saturation, out-dated equipment, broadband management).

On its support page, Microsoft provides help sections on the best way to use Outlook 365 to get the best results. Go to Network planning and performance tuning for Office 365.

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