Protect your inbox

Unwanted email


Unwanted email, or spam, can be annoying because it overloads the network and takes up space in your inbox. These messages are not dangerous as long as you do not open them. Never click on a link in an unwanted email or try to respond to it!

Measures to be taken

The spam filter is active by default. Messages considered to be unwanted are put in a special folder. The filter compares new messages with messages already marked as unwanted in order to make its decision as to where to put your messages.

To improve the filter’s ability to make comparisons, mark any spam not identified correctly by the filter as unwanted, and mark any email incorrectly identified as spam as legitimate.

Refer to your email software’s help section for further information on how to sort your email.


Avoid opening email attachments from unknown senders. Delete such email messages immediately and mark them as spam.

If the content of an email from a known sender seems strange or inappropriate, delete the email and contact the sender using a different method.

Avoid putting confidential information in your email.

Avoid writing your email address on websites that advertise promotions or contests. These sites may simply be a way to obtain valid email addresses in order to send mass emails or spam.

Do not respond to spam—not even to ask for your address to be removed from a list. The unsubscribe link could be used to validate your address and you may receive even more spam as a result. Instead, delete the message and mark it as spam.

Reporting spam (unwanted email or phishing)

If you receive a spam email, you can notify us by forwarding it, as an attachment, to the following address:

If you use Videotron Webmail, the “Spam” button in your inbox will allow you to mark an email as unwanted.

For other types of email abuse, you can contact us directly using the following link:

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