Wi-Fi Router


How do I install a router?

We recommend that you consult the guide provided with your equipment. Each time that you connect a new peripheral to a Videotron modem, you have to reset the modem, either by unplugging the electric cable or, if you have a Videotron telephony modem, by pressing the "reset" button at the back of the modem.


I can't access the Internet and I'm using a router. What should I do?

To install your router, please refer to the question "How do I install a router?"


Otherwise, there’s a problem with the synchronization of your router and modem, or an internal problem specifically related to the router (memory management, frozen router, Wi-Fi problem, incorrect configuration).


Follow these steps to resynchronize the router with the modem:

A. Turn off all the computers in the house.
B. Unplug the router's electrical current (usually a small black wire).
C. Reset the modem.


If you have a cable modem (Internet only):

  • Unplug the electrical current.
  • Wait five seconds.
  • Plug the electric current back in.

If you have a multifunction modem (Videotron telephony):

  • Find the "reset" button at the back of the modem. This button is usually in the middle of the device, next to the Ethernet jack, and is in a hole the size of a pencil tip.
  • Insert a pencil tip or paper clip in the hole and hold it on the "reset" button for five seconds.
  • When you remove the pencil or paper clip from the modem, the modem's lights will turn off, then light up one after another.

Wait a whole minute after the modem resets before continuing.
Plug in the router's electric current.

Wait a whole minute after you have plugged the router back in before continuing.
Turn on your computer(s) and try to reconnect to the Internet when ready.

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