Mobile app for the New Generation Wi-Fi Router

App features

Features available with the app
The WiFi app lets you easily personalize the settings of your Wi-Fi network. The app offers the following features:  
  • Internet connection control, which allows you to securely manage your Internet connection thanks to your router’s unique identifier.  
  • Network mapping, which gives you an overview in real time of your home network and the signal strength picked up by your connected devices. 
  • Configuration of the basic settings of your Wi-Fi router and wireless home network. 
  • Bandwidth usage, which monitors the wireless devices that have access to your home network and manages the Internet access schedules of all your devices.    
  • Wireless network guest access management, which allows your guests to connect to your wireless network without having to provide them with your personal data information.   
  • Diagnostic, which generates a debugging report that helps you resolve any network issues. 
  • Speed test, which allows you to measure your devices’ connection speed in real time. 
How do I change the app’s interface language? 
The app is available in both French and English. You can modify your language preference in your mobile device’s settings. 
How do I access all of the router’s features?
The Videotron WiFi app lets you configure your router’s basic features. However, several other, more elaborate features are also available. You can access them by typing 192.168.01 into your Internet browser’s address bar
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