Quick troubleshooting

Internet connection

My Internet connection isn't working. What should I do?

Your Internet connection may not be working for several reasons:

A. Your computer should be checked first. To eliminate this possibility, shut off your computer. Wait a few seconds and then restart.

B. Check that the "online" or "cable" light is lit and stable on your modem. Otherwise, the modem may not be connected to the Videotron network. Reset the modem as indicated below.

How to reset the modem:

  • If you have a cable modem: Unplug the device's electric cable, wait 20 seconds, then plug the cable back in.
  • If you have a multifunction modem (Videotron telephony): Use a pointy object to press the "reset" button on the back.

C. Security software (firewall, antivirus) can cause connection loss if it's not configured properly. You will have to verify the configuration of the firewall or antivirus software.

Please note: You have to reset the modem every time you plug in a new peripheral, whether it's a router or another computer.


If your connection problem continues, please contact one of our technical support agents at 514-380-7000 or 1-800-561-4248. 


My connection is slow. What should I do?

Videotron is recognized for the reliability of its network and Internet access. Nevertheless, a number of external factors can affect the speed of your connection.

 If your connection slows, check the following:

A. Your installation:
The router, often used to connect a number of computers to the Internet, can cause a slowdown. Many factors can cause this:

  • The router itself: Verify that your router's capacity is sufficient and that the firewall configuration is not blocking your connection.
  • Using a wireless router: Verify that your router is sufficiently secure. If not, it is possible that your connection is being used by someone else without your knowledge. If you’re using a wireless router, your connection may experience interference, which can slow it down.
  • Sharing the network: If a number of computers are using the same connection, the speed of your Internet access is divided between each station.

B. Your computer:
The state of your computer can also influence your Internet access. The presence of a virus or Trojan horse, an incorrect configuration of your firewall, and certain procedures (updates, saves, antivirus analysis, etc.) can slow your connection.


C. Your usage:
The sites: Access to high-traffic sites can be saturated. Your connection may become slow as a result.

File-sharing software: Applications like BitTorrent, Kazaa and LimeWire (i.e. station-to-station, or P2P) use a huge transfer capacity. Check that their respective icons aren’t in your task bar.

Lastly, there are many unknowns on the Internet. Like all networks, the Internet can get congested. Videotron is constantly improving its network to spare its clients such inconveniences.


I just formatted my computer and now I don't have Internet access. What should I do?

If you are using an Ethernet cable connection:

No configuration is necessary because Videotron's Internet cable connection works well with this type of connection. The modem may have to be reset, however, to free your computer’s access to the Internet. All you have to do is unplug the modem's electric cable and then plug it back in, or, if you have a modem from Videotron telephony, press the "reset" button on the back with a pointy object.

If you connected the modem with a USB cable:

Make sure you have the latest version of the modem kit. Your Videotron modem’s USB drivers are available on the manufacturer’s CD in the modem box.


Once the modem's USB cable is plugged into the computer, the installation can begin, aided by the kit instructions or modem manufacturer's CD. The CD must be inserted into your computer for proper installation.


It is recommended that you keep the kit for as long as you use the Videotron modem.

If your connection problem continues, please contact one of our technical support agents at 514-380-7000 or 1-800-561-4248.

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