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Problems accessing channels

My television only gets channels 2 to 13. What should I do?

  • On your remote control, press the CATV, AIR/CABLE or ANT/CABLE button. A message will appear on the screen. Hold the button down until the message "CATV-STD" or "CABLE" appears. The modes CATV-HRC and CATV-IRC are incompatible with cable.
  • Check the back of your television, near the cable input, to see if you have a converter. If so, set it to CABLE.
  • In your television menus, look for the Tuning, Tuning mode, Setup, AIR/CABLE and CATV options.
  • After reactivating the CATV function, you might have to reprogram the channels with your television’s Auto-Prog or Auto-Scan function to restore the channels to memory.
  • In all cases, refer to your television’s user manual.
  • If these measures don’t work, please contact your television manufacturer’s technical support centre.

A channel that I had before is no longer available. Is this normal?

  • The channel line-up can vary depending on the locality or region where you live.
  • The digital positioning of the station broadcasting the channel can change within the same city.

Please consult the channel line-up in your region.


I no longer get the Évasion, Séries+, Historia, Ztélé and CNN channels. What should I do?


Check the details of your last invoice and the package you subscribe to. If you have the Télémax package (not Télémax Plus), the Évasion, Séries+, Historia, Ztélé and CNN channels are not included in your current package. If you would like to have them added to your Télémax package, contact Customer Service.


If Télémax Plus is shown on your invoice and you cannot access these channels, please inform Technical Support.

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