Classic cable

Phasing out FM broadcasting

In order to continually improve our digital services, we will be phasing out FM broadcasting via Videotron’s analogue cable.

Be advised that as of December 1st 2014, the audio receiver you use to pick up FM radio stations can no longer be connected to Videotron’s analogue cable. If you use your own antenna or an illico terminal to listen to the radio, you will not be affected by this change.

If you see a Videotron coaxial cable connected to your audio receiver, it means you are receiving FM radio via Videotron’s analogue network.
If you are located within the area concerned by the phase out, disconnect the Videotron coaxial cable. The receiver can then tune aerial radio frequencies.

To improve signal reception, you should use the FM antenna that came with your audio receiver.
As with any radio broadcasting, the placement of the receiver or the antenna can influence the quality of the signal received. With an analogue cable, signal reception does not depend on where the device is placed. To improve sound quality, you should use the antenna provided with your audio receiver.

It is strongly recommended that you use the antenna provided with the receiver to improve signal quality.

If you continue to experience difficulty, you can use your illico terminal to access a number of FM radio stations as well as a range of themed music stations offered by Stingray Music on channel 501. 

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