Classic cable


Connecting a second TV to the classic cable service


It is essential that you inform Videotron about the addition of one or more TV sets to your regular outlet so as to standardize these additional connections. If you fail to do so, you’ll slightly alter the cable signal you receive and get poor reception on all your TV sets.


Recording a TV channel with my VCR

Here is a simple way to connect a VCR in order to record your favourite channels.

  • Connect the cable wire coming from the wall into the “Cable In” jack on your VCR.
  • Using another cable wire, connect your VCR to the TV. Connect one end of the cable into “Cable Out” on your VCR and the other end into “Cable In” on your TV.
  • Turn on your VCR.
  • Tune your TV to channel 3.
  • Use your VCR remote control to change channels.  

You can record the channel you are watching or you can program your VCR to record a channel at a date and time of your choosing. Please note that when your VCR is turned on, your TV must always be tuned to channel 3.


What is the best way to connect the cable to my television or VCR?

  • Connect the coaxial cable from the wall to "Cable In" on your VCR.
  • With another coaxial cable, connect your VCR to your television. Connect one end of the cable to "Cable Out" on your VCR, and the other end to "Cable In" on your television.
  • Turn on your VCR.
  • Tune to channel 3 on your television..
  • Change the channel using the VCR remote control.
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