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1. Press GUIDE to display the complete Guide (press it again to see it in

full-screen mode).
2. Use Icone_fleche to browse the Program Guide.
3. Press INFO to get more information on the selected schedule.
4. Press OK/SELECT to go to the selected channel.


Note: When the Icone-pas_abonne icon is displayed to the left of the Program Guide, it means that you are not subscribed to this channel.

1. While you are watching content, press INFO .
2. Use Icone_fleche to go from one channel to the next and from one schedule to another. Press OK/SELECT to go to the selected channel.
3. If you hover the cursor over a show in the Miniguide, a description will automatically pop up. If this does not happen, press INFO .
4. Press EXIT to exit.


Note: You can modify the automatic display of information relating to a show in the Miniguide. Under Settings in the main menu, select Application Preferences.

You can filter the channels displayed in the Program Guide by using a wide range of criteria.
You can display:
• All channels or only the ones that you are subscribed to;
• Your favourite channels or those that broadcast content in the language of your choice 

(French, English, or other);
• Channels by genre (i.e. sports, news, movies, family shows, etc).

1. Press GUIDE.
2. Press A, then select Filter.
3. Select the filter you want using Icone_fleche and press OK/SELECT.
4. Once you’ve activated a channel filter, the filter’s name will appear in the top left-hand corner of the Program Guide. The filter will remain active even after you close the Program Guide.
5. To remove the filter, you must select Display All or switch to a channel that is not included in the filter that you selected.

Browse through channels by name or by number
1. Press GUIDE.
2. Press D and select Sort using Icone_fleche .
3. Select By Name or By Number and press OK/SELECT.


Adding or removing your favourite channels in the Program Guide or while

watching TV:
1. In the Program Guide, use Icone_fleche to select a channel and press D. A star on the left of the Program Guide will indicate your favourite channels.
2. You can browse through your favourite channels using the FAV button on your remote control or with the Favourite Channels browsing filter by selecting A in the Program Guide.

3. You can remove a channel from your Favourite Channels list by pressing D and selecting Remove from Favourite Channels.


Adding or removing several favourites at once:
4. Press MENU to go to the main menu.
5. Select Settings.
6. Then select Application Preferences and Program Guide.
7. Select Favourite Channels and press OK/SELECT.
8. A window will pop up prompting you to select your favourite channels from the list of channels included in your TV package (menu on the left) or remove channels that you have already selected (menu on the right).

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