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FAQ - Multi-room PVR

THE PRODUCT – Multi-room Personal Video Recorder


The multi-room PVR is a feature that allows you to watch recordings on any TV that’s equipped with a new-generation terminal. For example, if you have a PVR in your living room, you can watch what you recorded on it in your bedroom on a TV equipped with a new-generation HD terminal.
It’s like having a PVR for all your TVs!






This feature is free. To take advantage of this feature, you need to have at least one new-generation PVR as well as an HD terminal, which you can either rent or buy. (See our offers at:
This feature must be installed by a technician, which will incur a one-time fee of $59.95. This fee can also cover other work, such as the installation of another outlet, terminal or Videotron service.

It’s easy! You have three options:

If you are already a Videotron TV customer, check to see if your terminals are compatible with this feature (see "Technical Specifications") or add one or more new-generation terminals. To see our offers, go to This feature must be installed by a technician.

In order to ensure the connectivity between the terminals in your home, some equipment must be installed by a technician. The technician will then make sure that the network and signals comply with our standards so that you can enjoy a high-quality service. Lastly, the technician will show you how to use the feature so that you can enjoy it to it’s full potential.


If you would like the technician to do other work relating to your Videotron services, such as installing more outlets or connecting another Videotron service, take advantage of this opportunity! The $59.95 fee covers up to five different tasks.




All new-generation illico terminals are compatible. You need to have at least one new-generation HD PVR and one new-generation HD terminal to be able to benefit from this feature. The following terminals are currently compatible: Cisco 4642 HD, Cisco 8642 HD PVR, Samsung 6340 HD and Samsung 8340 HD PVR.
This feature requires new generation equipment, which is more technologically advanced (a much faster processor, more memory and a new operating system). Unfortunately the old-generation terminals (8300, among others) don’t have the components required for illico TV new generation, and thus the multi-room PVR feature can’t be used.
You can connect up to six terminals with this feature, regardless of the combination of HD PVRs and new-generation HD terminals. You need at least one new generation HD PVR and one new generation HD terminal.
Yes. You can watch up to three recordings at the same time, be they either the same recording or different recordings.
Yes. You can stop watching a recording by pressing “Stop” on the first terminal, and continue watching it on another TV. To do so, press “List” and continue watching the recording where you left it. It’s that easy!
Yes. Press “Stop” and delete the recording as you would on your PVR.
When you press “List,” you will see all the recordings made by everyone who lives in your home: the recordings will be organized by PVR name. To make things easier, you can rename your PVRs. For example, you can replace the original name with “Living room PVR.”   Please note that you will not be able to see the name if you set a recording from outside your home, via or illico Mobile.
If you have two PVRs, you can combine them and double your recording capacity.
The multi-room PVR allows you to watch recordings on any new-generation illico terminal in your home. This will serve most of your needs. However, scheduling recordings and recording content cannot be done on the HD terminal.


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