End of analog signals on August 31, 2011: No impact on Videotron customers

The Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has decided that August 31, 2011, will be the date television becomes digital in Canada. In certain areas, Canadian local television stations will stop analog broadcasting and begin digital broadcasting.
Digital television offers more options than analog television. It uses less Hertzian (spectrum) space, freeing it up for other important things like evolved wireless services, emergency services communications and an expanded range of digital channels. Digital technology also provides better image and sound quality. For more information, see:

No. This transition will change nothing for Videotron customers. They’ll continue to get their favourite channels with the equipment they’re now using, as they will after August 31, 2011.

Videotron customers will therefore have no need to buy decoders, new televisions or any other devices. Neither will they have to subscribe to other services.


Only people receiving signals with an antenna or “rabbit ears” will be affected. They’ll be able to subscribe to Videotron’s digital service if they choose.

Videotron will be converting digital signals from Canadian local television services into analog for its customers as it did in 2009 with the American channels’ move to digital. For Videotron customers, it will be business as usual: Regardless of whether they have analog or digital TV, they’ll continue to get their TV channels.


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