Unlock your Videotron phone

How to get your Videotron phone unlocked


Videotron can give you the tools you need to unlock your handset if you make a formal request. However, you must have purchased your phone from Videotron in order to be eligible for the service. Once your phone has been unlocked, you’ll be able to use it with any compatible wireless carrier.


Here is a list of the requirements that must be satisfied in order to have your phone unlocked, as well as some important information:

  • the phone must have been sold by Videotron
  • the unlock code applies to mobile phones and mobile Internet devices (where possible).
  • your account must be in good standing and meet the following criteria:

                -  If you got your phone from Videotron at a discount, device must be active for at least ninety (90) days before you can unlock it.

                -  If you purchased your phone at retail price, the device must be

                   registered to your account.


  • The device must not have been declared lost or stolen.
  • A $50 fee (plus tax) applies and will appear on your next billing statement.
    (If you don’t have a Videotron account, you must pay in-store.)
  • Unlocking your phone does not void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Videotron only unlocks Videotron devices. If you have an unlocked phone from another wireless service provider that you’d like to use on the Videotron network, ask one of our representatives to make sure your device is compatible with our service.

Instructions for unlocking my device


By contacting Customer Service at 1 877 512-0911, or by visiting one of our Videotron stores.


WARNING: Please make sure that you enter your unlock code correctly. Your phone will be permanently locked on the Videotron network after too many failed attempts (the exact number depends on the manufacturer, but should not exceed three attempts).


Nokia devices                                        


•  Nokia 5230
•  Nokia C5-04
•  Nokia C7-00
•  Nokia E73
•  Nokia 500

1.  Press the pound (#) key
2.  Press the star (*) key three times for p (pause)
3.  Press the star (*) key four times for w (wait)
4.  Press the star (*) key twice for +
5.  Enter the 15 digit unlock code
6.  Press the star (*) key twice for +
7.  Press 1, followed by the pound (#) key. The following message will appear onscreen: “SIM Restriction Off”


LG G2 device If Videotron provided you with an unlock code but you are unable to unlock your device, follow these three steps:
1.  Access your phone’s “admin” menu by entering 2945#*801# in the main menu.
2.  Select “Network”.
3.  Enter the code.

Apple iPhone device Once Videotron confirms that your iPhone unlock has been processed, follow these steps:
1.  Remove your SIM card and insert the new one.
2.  Complete the setup process.

If the only SIM card you have is a Videotron one, follow these steps to complete the process:
1.  Back up your iPhone.
2.  Reset your iPhone.
3.  Follow the steps indicated in the Setup Wizard and restore your backup.

Other devices
•  A non-Videotron SIM card is required 
•  Insert the card into the device you want to unlock
•  Turn the device on
•  Enter the unlock code as requested
•  Once the code has been validated, a confirmation message will appear indicating that the network lock has been deactivated
•  Once your device is unlocked, please note that you may experience issues with services requiring data (Internet, MMS), seeing as Videotron devices are programmed to use Videotron (APN) servers. These settings must be edited in accordance with the new wireless service provider. For more information, we invite you to consult the documentation that came with your device, or contact your new service provider. 


Should you experience any technical issues during the unlocking process outlined above, please contact Technical Support at

1 877 380-2611.

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