Understanding my mobile usage

One-time data add-on

image-donneeAre you close to hitting your data allowance limit, or worried that you don’t have enough data left to get you through the rest of the month? At any time during your billing cycle, you can purchase a Data Add-on and avoid getting hit with unwanted data overage charges.


It’s so simple!

  • 1. Log in to the User Centre + App or visit the Videotron website and sign into the Customer Centre.
  • 2. Go to the section “Manage Your Mobile Data Add-ons” then:
    • a. Choose the telephone number you wish to purchase a
      Data Add-on for,
    • b. Click on “Purchase an On-demand Add-on”,
    • c. Choose the Data Add-on that best meets your needs,
    • d. Click on Confirm.
  • 3. You can use your new Data Add-on as soon as you receive the confirmation number; the Add-on will be valid until the end of the current billing cycle.
How does it work?

The Data Add-on adapts to your plan: if, for example, you are subscribed to a Canada-US plan, the Data Add-on can be used in Canada or the United States, in combination with the data already included in your plan*. The purchase of a Data Add-on will appear on your next invoice.


Once purchased, an on-demand Data Add-on cannot be cancelled or transferred.

How do I know how much data I’ve used?

You can follow your data usage via the User Centre + App or by signing into the Customer Centre. You can purchase a new Data Add-on whenever you want.


Practical! We’ll send you a text message notifying you when:

  • You are only 100MB away from reaching your monthly data allowance; or
  • You have reached your plan’s monthly data allowance.

A link will be included in the text message. Click on the link and you will be redirected to the User Centre + App where you can purchase a new
Data Add-on.
If you exceeded your data allowance prior to purchasing a Data Add-on, any overage charges incurred up until that point will be added to your next invoice.


Don’t wait until you bust your monthly data allowance: follow your data usage via the User Centre + App or by signing into the Customer Centre, and purchase a Data Add-on anytime you want.


You can also use the User Centre + App for mobile and tablet:

  • on Android 4.1.x or +
  • on iOS 7.x or +

*Roaming fees apply. 

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