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One-time data add-on

1- What is a one-time data add-on?

A one-time data add-on is a feature that you can use to supplement your plan right in the middle of your billing cycle. It allows you to enjoy a higher data limit, getting you more data than what’s included in your plan, so you can avoid any overage charges. All Videotron customers with a data plan can get a one-time data add-ons. 

2-How do I get a one-time data add-on?

Download Videotron’s mobile app to get the add-on.

Download the User Centre+ app on your Android phone or tablet

Download the User Centre + app on your iPhone or iPad

Or visit our website and get the add-on via the Customer Centre. Once you’ve downloaded the app, go to our YYYY page and choose the data add-on that’s right for you. Once you complete your purchase, you’ll receive a confirmation message informing you that you can start using your data add-on.

3. Who can get a one-time data add-on?

Only account holders can get a one-time data add-on. Anyone who would like to add one to their current plan needs to request the add-on from the account holder online via the Customer Centre or the app.

4. Can I use the additional data immediately after getting the one-time data add-on?
Yes. The additional data can be used as soon as you receive the confirmation message. 

5. How long is my one-time data add-on valid for?
The add-on is valid up until the end of the current billing cycle. .

6. Will my one-time data add-on work across Canada?
The add-on takes on the features of your plan. If, for example, you have an All-Inclusive Canada plan, then you will be able to use your extra data anywhere in Canada. 

7. How will I be billed for my one-time data add-on?
Once your order has been processed via the Customer Centre

, it will show up on your next invoice.

8. How can I monitor my one-time data add-on usage?

You can use your usual data tracking tools, namely the

, both the online and mobile versions. Once you start to use the data from your add-on, you can track your usage online via the Customer Centre or with the handy app.

9. What happens when my one-time data add-on runs out?
You can simply get a new one! Otherwise, your data usage will be billed on a per-use basis.

10. Can I get a one-time data add-on if I’ve already exceeded my plan’s data limit?
Yes, of course! However you will still incur an overage charge.

11. Can I get a one-time data add-on at any time?
Yes. You can get an add-on anytime, 24/7 via the Customer Center.

12. Can I get a one-time data add-on when I travel to the US?
Yes. However, you will only be able to use this add-on in the US if you have a Canada-US plan.

13. Can I cancel a one-time data add-on?  

14. Does my one-time data add-on roll over to my next billing cycle if I haven’t used all the data?
No. You lose any data left over from your one-time data add-on once you reach the end of your current billing cycle. 

15. Will I receive a notification if I’m about to exceed my plan’s data limit?
Yes. Videotron will send you a notification to let you know what stage you’re at with your data usage at two key points. You’ll receive a text:
  • When you have 100MB of data left in your plan;
  • When you have reached your plan’s data limit.
The text will include a web address where you can go to get the one-time data add-on that’s right for you.

16. Minimum requirements for Videotron’s User Center + app?
Android 4.1.x and higher
iOS 7.x and higher
Mobile and tablet

17. How do I get a one-time data add-on if my device is not compatible with the app? 

You can get your add-on online via Videotron’s Customer Centre.

Download the app on your Android phone or tabletCustomer CentreCustomer CentreDownload the User Centre+ app on your Android phone or tablet
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