How to protect your cell number from fraudulent ports

The phone number transfer process: an additional security measure to protect your mobile number.

What does porting your number mean?

Porting enables you to change your mobile service provider while keeping your current phone number.

Some fraudsters take advantage of the porting process to steal your phone number and get a hold of some of your personal information. 

Security procedure

When porting your phone number from a given service provider to Videotron, an additional security check is required to confirm the transfer.

Here’s the security procedure:

  1. You subscribe to a Videotron mobile plan and say that you want to keep your current phone number.
  2. Videotron requests the number transfer from your old provider and then sends you a process reminder by email or text.
  3. Your old provider will then call you or send you a number transfer confirmation request by text or email.
  4. You have 90 minutes after receiving the request to confirm that you’ve made the transfer request.
  5. Once the port request is confirmed, the line will be ready for activation on the transferred number.

Good to know

Before you start the process, check that your contact information (phone number and email) at your old provider is up to date to make sure you receive the transfer confirmation request.

If the account is a multi-line account, the transfer confirmation request may be sent to the account holder or the number’s beneficiary. The person who receives the request must confirm it.


Didn’t get the transfer confirmation request for your number?

Ensure your contact information is up to date with your former provider by contacting them of logging in to your online account.

If you aren’t the account holder, the request may have been sent to the account holder instead, who must then approve it.

Contact our Customer Service department to send a new phone number transfer request.

Has your transfer confirmation request expired?
You have to act quickly and confirm the transfer within 90 minutes after receiving the request. Once this deadline expires, you can request a phone number transfer again by contacting our Customer Service department.
Why should you comply with this mandatory procedure?

Some mobile service providers choose this additional security check to help avoid fraudulent number transfers. Each supplier has its own procedure, and Videotron is there to help you avoid any issues along the way.

For more information, can contact one of our representatives or check out the discussion threads on the Videotron Community.

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