Motorola XT720

Motorola XT720 - Interactive demos

Using your Phone

Turning the Phone On or Off

Inserting the SIM card

Inserting the memory card

Activating Silent mode

Changing the language

Changing date and time

Making a call

Identifying keys

Activating and deactivating Airplane Mode

Using WiFi

Using voice dialling

Using the conference call and Speakerphone features

Using the Virtual Keyboard

Adding contacts

Deleting contacts

Using Bluetooth

Setting and activating the phone lock for security

Calling Voicemail

Setting up Call Forwarding


Sending a text message

Replying to a text message

Creating and sending video messages

Appareil photo

Taking Pictures and Videos


Listening to music

Download music from your computer

Web - Internet

Browsing the web

Adding a Bookmark to the Browser

Personalize your phone

Ajusting the Screen's Brightness

Changing the Ringtone

Adding Deleting and Organizing Widgets

Configuring an Email Account


Accessing Videotron illico mobile

Using the Calendar

Accessing the Videotron mobile store

Using the Videotron Remote Recoder

Accessing Social Networks

Accessing the Android Market

Using Maps and GPS

Power Control and WiFi Management

Adding the Power Control Widget to the Home Screen

Deactivating WiFi Sleep Policy



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