Invoice and account

What you need to know about online billing

  • When you sign up for online billing, you will no longer receive your invoice in the mail. The invoice will appear online, and you can see it at any time in your Customer Centre account.
  • Each month, you’ll receive an email notification when your invoice is available online.
  • You’ll also receive a reminder email 5 days before your payment is due, in order to help you avoid late fees, if you haven’t paid your bill already.
  • Your invoices from the past 36 months are accessible online in your Customer Centre account and in the User Centre + app.
  • Your online invoice contains the same information as the paper version, and can be printed for your records if needed.
  • Financial institutions (at the ATM as well as the bank counter) do not process invoices from the Customer Centre. To pay your invoice through your financial institution, you must do it online, or through preauthorized payment.

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