Understanding my invoice

Understanding my invoice

Account number

imageYou need your account number to log in to our Customer Centre and take advantage of our .

You can also use your account number to identify yourself when speaking to Customer Service or Technical Support.

Invoice period
imageRefers to the period for which you are being billed.
Invoice details
imageThis section may include, among other things, installation fees and Associated credit(s) as well as acquisition cost(s), equipment cost(s) and associated rebate(s).
imageThis section may include, among other things, installation fees and applicable credits, as well as equipment fees and applicable credits.
imageOnce you make any changes to your service, the former service will be credited for the unused period and the new service will be billed for the number of days left before the end of your billing cycle. You will therefore see an adjustment in proportion to the overall cost for your service.
Pay-per-use services

imageIncludes costs relating to pay-per-use viewing for each service (costs incurred during the billing cycle).

Example: Video On Demand, on-demand TV or content that is not included in your package.

Understanding prorated charges

When you make a change to your selection of services throughout the course of a billing cycle, you will only pay for the period during which you actually use the services. So, if you add or remove a service halfway through your billing cycle, you’ll only pay half the monthly cost of the service.


Important: When you add a service, you will be billed one month in advance. As such, if you add a service halfway through your billing cycle, you will be billed for half a month of usage, as well as for the following month.


Example: Your billing cycle runs from May 1 to May 31 and on May 16, you subscribe to Mobile Phone service for $60. Your next invoice will indicate an amount of $30 for the month of May (the period of May 16-30) and $60 for the month of June.

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