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Programme Vidéotron Plus

Last update: October 24, 2018

What is the Videotron PLUS program?
The Videotron PLUS program is a new program offered to Videotron residential customers that gives them exclusive access to a wide range of discounts and contests.
Who is eligible for the Videotron PLUS program?
All Videotron residential customers who have given their consent are eligible for the Videotron PLUS program. For accounts with several Mobile lines, the primary account holder must give his or her consent for the other users to have access to the program. Customers subscribed to a Business package are not eligible for the Videotron PLUS program.
How can I access the Videotron PLUS program?
The discounts and contests can be viewed at You will then have to identify yourself as a Videotron residential customer to participate in the contest and receive promotional codes.
I am not a Videotron customer. Can I participate in the Videotron PLUS program?
Only Videotron residential customers can participate in the contests and enjoy the discounts offered under the Videotron PLUS program.
How can I claim my benefits (discounts) or participate in contests?
Go to the PLUS page that interests you and click on “Take advantage of this perk”. You will be prompted to enter your Videotron Customer Centre identifier in order to access the contests and discounts under the Videotron PLUS program.
Can I share a promotional code with my family or friends?
No. Some promotional codes are unique and therefore valid only once. The best way for your family and friends to enjoy the Videotron PLUS program is to become a Videotron customer and agree to the conditions to join the program.
Whom should I contact in the event of an incorrect promotional code?
If a promotional code does not work, first check the offer details (e.g., expiry date, single discount, etc.) on the page of the discount in question. If you cannot find the answers you are looking for, please email us at
Can I continue to enjoy the benefits of the Videotron PLUS program if I am no longer a Videotron customer?
No. When you cancel your subscription to the Videotron services, your participation in the program will be cancelled.
Can I withdraw my consent at any time?
Yes. You can withdraw your consent at any time in the customer centre.
How can I become a corporate partner of the Videotron PLUS program?
Contact us at to discuss your options.
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