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Receiving my invoice

You will automatically receive a paper invoice. You can opt to receive a detailed paper invoice by subscribing to this service.


You can subscribe to an online invoice simply by registering at the Customer Centre.


For more information, view your record of use in near-real time by visiting the  Customer Centre.

Understanding my paper or online invoice

The amount of your first invoice includes the charges for the current month as well as the fixed monthly charges for the next two months. The charges for the current month are calculated according to the number of days between the activation date of your wireless service and the billing date.


Fixed monthly charges subject to adjustments include:

  • charges on your monthly plan
  • charges on your optional services

No, only one Share-plan member number will appear on the invoice.

Invoicing method for new services
Sign up for a new service at any time. This service will be invoiced on a pro-rata basis, depending on the number of days of usage during the billing period.
Your new service will be invoiced based on the number of days of usage during this period.
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