Changing my services

Seasonal service



Suspended services

 - Television (illico Digital TV)
 - Internet (residential and Wireless Internet)
 - illico On Demand


Services that will continue to be supported

 - Calling card 

 - Mobile telephone service
 - Mobile Internet
 - Softphone
 - WebMail
 - Customer Centre


Services that may or may not be suspended (at the request

of the customer)

 - Residential telephone service


Why should I keep my residential telephone service active?

 - Alarm system
 - Voicemail 


Keep your alarm system active during your absence.

If you keep your residential telephone service active, your alarm system will continue to work as usual during your absence.


Keep your Voicemail service while you’re away.

 - If you keep your residential telephone service, you’ll have access to the same telephone service options as usual.


 - If you are subscribed to our Voicemail service, you can continue to check your messages while you are away.


 - However, if you plan on staying in the United States or elsewhere in Canada, we recommend you subscribe to our Voicemail Plus service. You’ll obtain a toll-free access number that will allow you to save on long-distance fees.


 - Our Voicemail by Email service will also be available to you via our WebMail service.


Changes to your account will be frozen during the seasonal period.

After your services have been suspended, you will not be able to make changes

to your account. You will need to wait until the suspension is over.


To avoid reconnection charges, take advantage of Videotron’s seasonal offer if you plan on being away for a one-to-six-month period. Certain conditions apply.

For more information, please contact Customer Service.



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