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What should I do during the strike?

Information in the eventuality of a Canada Post strike 
What should I do if there is a Canada Post strike?
In the eventuality of a Canada Post employee strike that affects any of Videotron’s service areas, there are a number of solutions available to help you continue to pay your monthly bills on time.
I haven’t received the paper copy of my bill. What should I do?
During the Canada Post strike, your paper bills may not arrive on time. However, you must continue making your payments before the deadlines.

A number of solutions are available to help you discover your balance owing.

You must send your payment other than by Canada Post.
How do I find out what my balance is?
To find out more about your balance, visit our Support section..

How can I pay my bill?
By credit card 

Simply call automated services: 1-866-380-2967. It will take two (2) business days before your payment is credited to your Videotron account.

Preauthorized payment

This is a simple and practical way to pay your Videotron account balance. With your authorization, your bank account or credit card will be automatically debited every month. This way, you will avoid late payments and any additional charges.

To choose this option register online via the Customer Centre.

At a bank branch 

Simply visit your banking institution with your Videotron bill. Contact your bank for opening hours.

At an automated teller or by telephone banking

With a debit card issued by your financial institution and/or a credit card (if you wish to pay your Videotron account balance by credit card), along with your Videotron bill, visit one of your financial institution’s automated tellers and follow the procedure on the screen. For more information on paying bills by automated teller, please contact your financial institution.

The telephone banking services of the following financial institutions process Videotron bill payments:
  • CIBC
  • National Bank of Canada 
  • Scotiabank
  • RBC Royal Bank 
  • TD Canada Trust Bank  
  • BMO Bank of Montreal 
  • Laurentian Bank 
  • HSBC Canada 
  • Desjardins 
Many of these financial institutions now accept payment of your Videotron bill online and by phone. It’s a good idea to register your Videotron bill in your payee list. This will save you time when you pay your bill at an automated teller, by phone or online. Contact your financial institution for more details.

Via epost

Canada Post’s epost is a safe, secure and free way to manage your bills, statements and essential documents online. 

I sent my payment by mail. What should I do to make sure you’ve received it?
You can verify your balance:

If you still have a balance owing, you must make your payment another way.
I’m expecting a refund from Videotron. What should I do if there’s a Canada Post strike?

All refund cheques issued by Videotron are sent via Canada Post.

Your refund will arrive as soon as the strike is over.

Please note that the Canada Post strike is completely beyond Videotron’s control.

I ordered material from Videotron (a mobile phone, terminal, remote control or other accessory). Will I receive my parcel?
Yes. Since June 16, 2016, Videotron has been sending parcels via an independent shipper. You will therefore receive your package even if there’s a strike.

If Videotron sent your parcel before June 16, 2016, Canada Post has probably already notified you that it is available for pickup at your nearest post office.

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