How does Internet usage work?

Can I exceed my Internet usage limits?


All Videotron Internet packages have a set amount of data that can be transferred per month. We offer a wide range of options to meet your various usage needs.

Overuse occurs when you transfer more data in a billing month than your Internet package allows. 

In addition to your monthly package, you will be billed for this excess usage, based on the rates below : 

Access Fee / GB Maximum fee per month.
Extreme High Speed $1.50 None
Extreme Plus Internet $7.95 None
Basic-Speed Internet
High-Speed Internet
$4.50 $50
USI* 15
USI* 20
USI* 30
USI* 60
USI* 120
USI* 200
$1.50 $150
Hybrid Fiber 5 Internet $3 $100
Hybrid Fiber 10 Internet $3 $100
Hybrid Fiber 30 Internet $3 $100
Hybrid Fiber 60 Internet $1.50 $80
Hybrid Fiber 120 Internet None None
Hybrid Fiber 200 Internet None None
 GIGA None None

* USI : Ultimate Speed Internet

If you exceed your usage limits, we recommend that you contact Customer Service 

to find the best solution to meet your Internet usage needs.

You can also add an additional Data Transfer package to your current package to avoid exceeding your monthly data allowance.

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