Secure your Internet access

Security portal

The security portal is a Web portal the user can access from any Internet connection. It grants access to certain 2014 Security Services.

The security portal includes the following features:

- Remote configuration of parental control settings and surveillance of activities (see Parental Control section).

- Remote Management of 2014 Security Services. (See the Remote Management section) 

- Locate and lock a stolen or lost computer and delete data remotely (see Anti-theft section).

Other questions :

I was using the Save and Restore feature before. How can I recuperate my data?

Be sure to restore your data before proceeding with the update. If you have already performed the update and want to trace your data, please communicate with our Technical Support at 1 877 380-2611.


I was using the Save and Restore feature before. How can I use it with Windows?

Windows offers an integrated service that allows you to do a local backup.


I was using the Wi-Fi networks security feature. How can I use it with Windows?

At-home management of the wireless network is no longer handled by the new Security Services app. Nonetheless, you can manage your network using Windows Vista via the Windows Network Wizard and configure the security settings using a private (home or work) or public network. Furthermore, the programs that come with most routers, including Videotron routers, also allow this.


I blocked several sites using the parental control service. Are these filters always active after the parental control service has been updated?

The previous filters are no longer present and the configuration must be reviewed on the new platform.

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